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Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey – The Rise of a Gooner

Many new songs have been composed and sung, which is the norm whenever a player burst in to form, suddenly all the history, all the predictions get tossed out the window. Easily done? Well if you are Messi yes, but is it really as easy he makes it all look?

Gary Player once remarked “The more I practice, the luckier I get”. Wise words from a former champion, who’s name will never be forgotten by South Africans. Golf is, to be honest, is a much less volatile sport than football. The quote though, is more about highlighting the importance of hard work, the importance of always wanting to improve, not getting complacent, never giving up. Like most Arsenal fans I remember that night when the boys (boys!) took on Olympiakos, we all witnessed a young Master Crafts man, dominating the opposition’s Midfield which boasted fully capped international players. In the absence our former skipper Cesc Fabregas.

Aaron Ramsey, fed through so many through balls for Vela and Walcott, I’ll never understand how we lost that game. Aaron Ramsey’s name was the name on the fans lips, the next great British footballer; Wenger saw it, Ferguson saw it, but Arsenal had him. Stoke happened, I’d rather not get into details. We all remember our humbling at Old Trafford, if you remember properly you’ll recall how Ramsey never gave up. Throughout out last season he battled through all the criticism never letting his shoulders drop, if there’s one thing that I knew about Arsenal – last season – they knew how to win but they had no idea how to not give up. As soon as we were losing, you could feel our players had no idea what to do, our players gave up.

Strange – but good – is that as soon as Ramsey began building on his February form, we picked up some points and went on to finish 4th – Something I hope to not see for some time-. We’ve all noticed the resilience our team was beginning to show since we out muscled Bayern at their home stadium, something happened that night a Butterfly Started breaking out of its cocoon, a Phoenix began rising from the ashes; our boy had stepped up. Suddenly the team had learned how to work from the 1st Minute right until the end, we had learned how to not give up.

If there is one thing I’m enjoying, it’s the never say die attitude Ramsey brings to our midfield –look at the goal he scored for Wales last night– that’s what we need from a captain Gooners. Ramsey’s commitment, dedication, passion and attitude are values all young footballers should look up to; Success is 10% talent and 90% hard work.

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