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Barcelona play the beautiful game

Ahh thank you for Barcelona as Footballs governing body descended into meltdown with allegation and counter allegation on Saturday Night we had a reason to forget all that for a moment and fall in love with this wonderful Game we call football. As Barcelona danced, teased and passed their way across Wembley it was a sight to behold a thing of Beauty.

Barcelona were simply magnificent outclassing the Best Team In England and quite probably one of the best 3 teams in Europe along with Madrid. There will be arguments of course over team selection, Evra not getting close to messi for his goal but the simple truth is no one could have lived with Barcelona this night they were simply too good.

After the Horrors of the Semi Final Against Real and all the Furore and negativityt hat surrounded that game. It was good to see Barcelona get back to what they do best and ultimately football triumphed . There was hardly any play acting apart From Chief protagonist Busquets (who can’t seem to help himself). And No Chasing or Hounding of the Referee.

It’s just not all the records this team is Breaking or goals they score it’s how they go about it. It’s the football ideal that they stick to the Tiki-Taka, the pass and move. The Carousel Sir Alex talked of was something Barcelona never got off. Wether it be the 1st or the 90th minute it will always be the same way Guardiola has installed in this team into their very dna that you treat the ball liked a prized possession and you keep it, you can’t spot an opportunity? then you keep it some more till you do spot one.

They love the ball their passing and possession stats are often twice what the other team sometimes 3 times. In the Final Barcelona kept the Ball for over 38 Minutes Compared to United 22 Minutes . It’s got to be hard to play against a team that just has that much of the Ball.It’s relentless and it’s like trying to hold back the tides and you end up chasing shadows round the pitch in a vain hope that a misplaced pass might come your way.But Guardiola for all the beauty in this team has also created a real sense of discipline and team ethic for on the rare occasion that they do lost the ball they hunt like a pack to get it back.

 Xavi was tremendous popping up here there and everywhere and with a truly sublime pass for Pedro’s goal. Xavi Played 150 passes that night misplacing only 8 he plays all over the pitch and is like conductor of the orchestra . His partner in crime in Iniesta moves around the pitch gliding like a ghost past players always looking for that incisive pass.

And then we come to the little magician Messi, if there was an advert for a modern-day footballer and role model, take a look at this guy. Humble in nature with a god given sublime talent. He gets kicked more than most and doesn’t complain if he loses the ball he chases just as hard to get it back. He danced around the united defence at times he teased and tormented invited tackles then slipped past. Vidic  tried in vain to stop him and did on a few occasions but as good as Vidic has been he couldn’t stop the little genius in the end.

Messi is a  joy to watch and debates will rage on between eras and great players but top scorer in the Champions league 3 years in a row and to own a final like this one shows that in messi there is a relentless and consistent brilliance in his play that cannot be argued.

This is more than a collection of great talents and egos there is something about this team, something  quite special in their team spirit one of the highlights of the night was in Eric Abidal lifting the trophy after recovering from his tumor early this year a touch of class that showed the bond of this great team.

A sublime night to remind us that in the midst of all this scandal engulfing football at this minute in Barcelona we have a reminder of why we call it the beautiful Game.

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