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Barcelona to reach European Cup Final??

Ibrahimovic must live up to the expectations and forget his last match performance in order to help Barcelona to defeat Inter’s Eto eager to show his value to his former employers and aim to score a goal with his pace.(Picture)

In the Group Stage, Barcelona won Inter in the last fixture “2-0” in the Nou Camp this season. Is it possble they can do it again?  Inter Milan beat holders Barcelona 3-1 in their 1st leg semi-final match. Could it be the extra-travelling factor affected their performance even though Pep Guardiola refuse to use this excuse for the poor performance?

Inter Milan have been impressive in their journey to the semi-finals. Their defence and creativity are strong enough to hold on to the lead but at Nou Camp, anything is possible. Learning from their mistakes and With clever Xavi controlling the midfield, he will still able to create killer passes to confuse Inter’s defence. Barcelona must try to inject more pace to the game instead of challenging them with physical strength in the midfield.

Busquets is too slow and lack of experience to challenge Inter’s midfield line. Yaya Toure will the key player (Picture). He must be there to protect and stop passes for his weakend backline and hit Inter with pacy counter attacks.

Barçalona will be again without midfielder Andrés Iniesta and Carles Puyol and for Inter, Dejan Stankovic will not be avaliable. I believe the referee must do his job properly as there will be lots of hard tackles and time wasting in the game.

Prediction:  Barcelona to win 2-0 again with their beautiful passing game.

Quotes : “Barcelona Are Always Under Pressure To Win – Victor Valdes”

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