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Blake’s Seven – Is David De Gea Manchester United’s Worst Ever Goalkeeper & more…


Hi, Paul Blake here again with another look at the past week in the crazy world of football.

In this week’s edition of ‘Blake’s 7’ I question whether Sir Alex Ferguson can spot a decent keeper, praise ‘King Kenny’ for his perseverance and explain why Wayne Bridge was well within his rights to sit on the bench and collect the money at Manchester City!

Hold on to your hats; it’s about to get controversial! 

Is David De Gea United’s Worst Ever Goalkeeper?

Manchester United fans must hold their breath when Sir Alex is given some money to go and buy a first choice goalkeeper.

The signing of David De Gea from Atletico Madrid, for a fee in the region of £18 Million, must rank alongside the signings of Massimo Taibi and Mark Bosnich as one of the worst in Ferguson’s reign as United manager.  De Gea is clearly not a goalkeeper suited to English football; he is too small and slight.

The problem seems to be that Ferguson puts too much stock in the shot stopping ability of his goalkeepers.  He overlooks their ability to deal with crosses, command their area or to organize the defence.

Ferguson would do well to back his ‘Great Dane’ Anders Lindegaard, who may well become another keeper of Peter Schmeichel’s ilk.  Of the two, Lindegaard is by far the better goalkeeper, but is he really good enough?

Manchester Victories are King Kenny’s Crowning Glory

Kenny Dalglish has finally got some rewards for his perseverance at Liverpool.

Despite the unfair criticism that he has received, the Liverpool manager has delivered this week with two memorable victories.

‘King Kenny’ is beginning to get the best out of a rejuvenated Craig Bellamy and Andy Carroll is showing signs of coming into some form.  Couple this with a midfield that is beginning to gel and a rock solid back four, and it comes as no surprise to see the Anfield club mixing it with the top two clubs in the Premier League.

This will all be music to the ears of Liverpool fans as they prepare for the first of what they hope will become two trips to Wembley this season.

Top Clubs’ Squads Should be Smaller

The squads in the Premier League and the Championship should not be allowed to be so big.

 The problem with clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea is that they have so much money that they can buy up forty or so of the top players and leave most of them in the stands, while other clubs miss out on their services.

This is a form of monopolization as clubs attempting to compete with them are forced to buy less talented players which, in turn, decreases the size of the talent pool even further.

I would limit squad numbers to twenty-five registrations, that’s enough for two teams of eleven plus three.  In the event of long-term injuries, verified by an independent medical expert, clubs could be granted additional registrations.  This would force clubs to sell players that are surplus to requirements instead of denying other clubs their services or sending them out on dubious loans.

Football Clubs are not Big Business

Premier League football clubs that operate way beyond their means should be deducted points and banned from the Champions League.

The way that these clubs are being used as play things by wealthy Sheikhs, oil barons and dodgy Russians (not that all Russians are dodgy) is becoming a farce.  Football clubs are not big business; compared to many on the FTSE 100 they are small fry.  So what is the attraction?

These clubs just operate at a loss while their billionaire owners just pump more money in.  This is not real business; it is just a waste of money.

Is Refusing to Shake Hands Ungentlemanly Conduct?

I am fed up hearing about these will they, won’t they shake hands incidents.

The latest farce, at Loftus Road, involved John Terry (again) and Anton Ferdinand where the issue had become such a big one that the pre-kick-off ‘meet and greet parade’ was pointlessly abandoned.

These players should be forced to shake hands before the game, or run the risk of being sent off for ungentlemanly conduct!

How on earth is the game going to be played in the ‘right spirit’ if players can’t even put their differences aside for a few seconds before a match?

A Bridge too Far at City!

Wayne Bridge is quite right to sit on the bench and take his money at Manchester City.

If the club has the money to flit away on wages, on a player that doesn’t even feature in the match day squad, then the player should not receive any criticism for collecting his money.

‘B’ Teams in the Football League – Don’t be so Ridiculous!

What a nonsense idea this one is!

If the top clubs have so many players that they need another league to play their reserves in, then they have got too many players!

By Paul Blake

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  1. pj stretford end

    1 February, 2012 at 10:09

    What a silly thread de gea is young and will be a top goalkeeper for united .
    Remember taibi leighton just to name two

  2. thesaint

    1 February, 2012 at 11:24

    I disagree strongly with you about De Gea becoming a top goalkeeper for United – he doesn’t have the basic attributes to start with. Taibi, Coton, Leighton, Carroll, Bosnich and now De Gea have all been signed by Ferguson and been poor. United need a proper Number 1 goalkeeper while Lindegaard and De Gea are given time to develop. It is a pity for United that Villa snapped up Shay Given because I think that he would have been an ideal signing. Personally, I would try and recoup as much of the £18 Million spent on De Gea as possible in the Summer Window.

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