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Can Chelsea win FA Cup and Champions League?

This year has been a tremendous disappointment for Chelsea supporters as far as the Premier League goes. They are currently in sixth place in the standings, and this is not a spot that Blues fans are comfortable being in. This season seemed to be a bit of a letdown in the proud tradition of Chelsea football.

However, it is a completely different story for Chelsea in the cup competitions. Throughout this year Chelsea has shown tremendous form in all of their cup matches. They have performed well enough to make the finals in the FA Cup (Chelsea are favourites in FA Cup betting) and semis in the Champions League, and they are not done yet.

5 to 1 win for Chelsea that came this Sunday in the FA Cup semi final against the Tottenham Spurs was expected. They even didn’t need to be in the best form to defeat the Spurs at this moment. Liverpool is not playing that well either but they are as good as Chelsea in the cup competitions this year. After winning the Carling Cup, they have beaten Everton for a chance to win FA cup as well.

The FA Cup competition will be the easier challenge of the two by yards. In the semifinal of the Champions League, Chelsea has to face maybe the most talented football club in history. Led by the dazzling plays of Xavi, Iniesta and Messi, Barcelona is the scariest team on the planet. They often just utterly destroy opposing clubs, and that puts fear into their opponents before they step one foot onto the pitch.

Can Lampard, Terry, and Drogba still resist them like they did in the past and perhaps beat them this time around? Maybe not, but with the help of John Obi Mikel, Juan Mata and Ivanovic and the way they played lately chances are higher.

In order to come out on top of the Spanish (Catalonian) warriors, Chelsea cannot just form a defensive wall that doesn’t give an inch and defend Messi like his shadow. That just doesn’t do it for Barca. Chealse has to fight, and attack and they indeed showed us they can do that this year. If they show the will and the team spirit like against Napoli they have a good chance, not only to make finals but to win it all.




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