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Chelsea Players Are To Blame For AVB Exit

I’ll start off by saying, Chelsea should not have sacked Andre Villas-Boas because the club was going through transition and with regard to the  “project” as AVB quite frequently pointed out, and everybody knows it can’t be done overnight. When the appointment was made Abramovich should have known that the transition may result in a season or 2 off difficult or mediocre seasons, however he revealed his true colours showed itself as when the going got tough roman pressed the panic button as per usual making AVB another top quality, yes I believe top quality appointment to fall at the sword of Roman. This job has become managerial suicide, I mean who can oversee evolution of an ageing team over 6 -7 months? And the players and the board, I believes are to blame for their malaise too.

In addition, it’s fair to say Chelsea’s decision came on the back of a run of just three Premier League wins in their last 12 games.

Furthermore the 34-year-old only took over as manager in June 2011 after Carlo Ancelotti was sacked in May after leading the team to not 2nd in the table and also winning the double the year before also questions is sacking the manager really the solution? Let’s look at it logically I mean Carlo was a manager full of experience and also had a great relationship with the players. Not to mention double Champions league winner with AC Milan. He would have been my personal choice to undertake the transition as he not only has the experience but also had the respect of the senior players. Ultimately you could argue the failure to get the best out of Fernando Torres cost him and AVB there jobs, even if he didn’t intend to do so.
However just to echo what my point is that, I feel sorry for Villas-Boas. The players and board should be culpable and it would be interesting to see what manager next falls under the sword of Roman because they failure to win the champions league. I mean everyone wants to win it Roman and to do so they are going to need serious, serious work.

However, I don’t think Villas-Boas has helped himself in recent times with the way he has treated senior player like Lampard, Drogba, Cole and terry but in his defence he was given a remit to look to the future and look to players to replace them. Ultimately these players have been dropped at different points of the season and their egos have poured over and become like a toxic disease causing nothing but pain to not only AVB but Chelsea football club as a whole and at the end of this no one comes out of this with any respect dignity and credit as AVB, in particular some of the things he has been saying, having left him in a good position on the other hand you could argue in his defence, if his brief was to build for the future and move on the old guard, that can’t be done in eight months. In the end it can be argued that Abramovich hasn’t yet worked out how to build a successful football club, if you have unlimited wealth, you expect immediate results.

Looking at Chelsea, you have to say the players have won off the pitch. I don’t think the players have had the commitment you would expect from any professional sportsmen let alone footballer towards there manager and that’s difficult for the manager. The famous saying by Ferguson is that “the most important person in the club is the manager” and once his position is undermined then that leads to instability and therefore subsequently leading to his position becoming untenable. But then you could argue dropped points have cost him and at the end of the day the objective is to win matches, which Villas-Boas has failed to do, not least with any help by his players.

My general worry at the start was that the fact Villas-Boas had been on Chelsea’s coaching staff during Jose Mourinho’s tenure, so therefore it may have been difficult for him to establish respect or shake of the tag of being remembered as the guy who did the “reports”, however he won the Portuguese League and Cup double, plus the Europa League, last season with Porto so he did have Pedigree.

Overall my arguments are clear and I do agree fundamentally football is a results business and ultimately his result have not been good enough, and therefore it was inevitable he would be sacked. Villas-Boas not only lost the players, but he lost the supporters. However many factors need to be taken into account and also this “player power” needs to be address because, I mean seriously how many more managers are Chelsea players going to drive out? I mean the players are going to have to realise they are not bigger than the club and until Roman grows a backbone and some balls Chelsea will NEVER be a big club.

And a key point to make is how many of those players would get into Man United, Man City, Spurs or EVEN Arsenal? To be fair this team is not as good as everyone thinks and everybody agreeing with the sacking, should examine the heads. What can a man change in 6 months? And more importantly who would want this impossible job? And I’d like to conclude players like Frank and Didier have lost respect from me, good luck to them that’s their 4th manager they have booted out, they are on a roll! All I have to stay is when Chelsea do appoint a new manager they are going to have to give him 100% backing otherwise we will be in the same position.
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