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What next for Chelsea’s Frank Lampard?

Frank Lampard has found himself unwanted by Chelsea after ten years of loyal service. Told that he can leave, he now has to decide on a future that he doesn’t want, he has offered his continued services and even volunteered himself for a major pay cut. However, there was no contract offer from the club and he will leave in the summer, searching for a new club to ply his trade.

The first issue with this saga at Chelsea is why would they let his go? He is a top class player who has been told he can keep playing until his late 30’s with his body due to hold up similarly to Ryan Giggs but 5 years Giggsy’s junior, Lampard shouldn’t be tossed aside the way he has. At Man United this would never have happened but Chelsea is run by a totally different philosophy and Abramovich is now on the verge of breaking up the old team to establish his own, new set of players. The same can be said of Ashley Cole, the best teams around the world have been put on alert but Chelsea seem to be allowing him to go. While on the subject of Manchester United however, it would seem that joining the Premier League rivals has become a viable option for Frank. Alex Ferguson has always been happy to allow the experienced players continue their career and has seen huge dividends for this policy when you take into account the victories and points earned by his old guard. So could Frank be tempted north? Perhaps he could but would he really join a Chelsea rival when he is so passionate about the club? It’s a picture that is hard to imagine, Frank receiving a pass from Van Persie, scoring and as the camera cuts to Frank celebrating, he’s hands are aloft and he’s in a red Manchester United shirt. Difficult to conjure but possible.

Perhaps America, that’s a road that the media take every time that any good, ageing player is looking for options. It must be an interesting thought process for Frank to look over. Maybe he could take the long journey over the North Atlantic Ocean and follow in the footsteps of David Beckham, I’m sure his hard work and prolific midfield ability would win over the local fans but it would be strange to see Frank make the move. With David it was expected, a man in the limelight he broke America off the pitch as well as on it yet Frank seems to want to just play and keep himself to himself, so the jury is out. It would be a strange sensation to see Frank playing in America; his footballing ability is still good enough to be in the Premier League winning trophies. Like he proved last season, he is still a top player and has the body to hold up through the tough schedule of the League.

Reports have also linked Frank to a career in Italy with Andrea Pirlo saying he would ‘welcome Frank to Juventus’. Surely that comment in itself would show to Chelsea that Frank has a good few years left, the Italians are known for extended careers and Frank could settle in well. Pirlo and Lampard would be a terrifyingly good midfield combination but it does feel like it is currently a long shot.

Frank has a lot of options and I’m sure offers on the table, a switch to another Premier League club maybe, to join his uncle Harry at QPR even is being touted as a possible result to the speculation. Whether he goes abroad, during the summer or January or to another club, he will have of course take in the views of his fiancée, ITV’s Christine Bleakley. She may, like Victoria Beckham, welcome the switch to America to break the big time or if Frank did go to Manchester United, she could work out of Salford for the BBC again. Anything is possible for you now Frank. I just hope I can watch him on Match of the Day next season.

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