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Chelsea’s José Mourinho can prove himself to be the ‘Happy One’

After an international break induced coma, I came out of it for the return of the Premier League. And Chelsea lost at Everton. Which of course means the club is in a crisis according to media. It’s never been a shame to lose at Goodison Park, but since the arrival of Mourinho 2.0 as he’s been labelled, his first league loss was always going to cause a stir.

The obvious initial reaction was to say how this is a completely different side to that off the one he took over in 04. That much is obvious, before he took over a team that just needed the right direction. A team full of power, determination, strong mentally, defensively sound and able to ground out results. They also had Claude Makelele. This Chelsea side is in evolution, progressing from Mourinho’s past in to his future. It is a side full of craft, creativity, fragility, defensive lapses and the odd bout of brilliance. This side has Jon Obi Mikel too.

Mourinho said after the game that the goal was conceded because of lapses by players who are not young (Cech and Cole) choosing to ignore Side Show Bob’s wandering. But speaking of age, the idea that this Chelsea side is young is important as well as factual if you take out Lampard and Terry. Despite having amassed an enormous trophy hall between themselves and at the club, there is a lot of youth particularly in attacking areas. But adding to the fact there were defensive lapses, there was the mention that the team could not cope emotionally. A side with more experience and waiting for a final push to success (2004 side) can cope with trailing to a team it should arguably beat. A younger side, will push for a result, rush in its decision making and panic. Now this isn’t to excuse Chelsea for not getting a result, Eto’o is not young and should have scored, and there was experience dotted around the team, but it does give some reasoning.

It’s going to take Mourinho time to develop his side in to a winning one, a battle hardened side. The current Chelsea side needs to learn how to win together and be hard to beat. It needs to be emotionally ready for the fight. Of course they are technically brilliant, tactically they know what to do, but they need not the special one or the happy one. They need the councillor one, the one to listen to them, push them right, help them cope when the pressure is on.

This is José Mourinho’s toughest managerial job since he won the Champions League at Porto but who would bet against him being successful again? One defeat in the league is not a disaster but he needs to start his sessions soon.

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