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Football - Newcastle United v Fulham Barclays Premier League


No players in, no players out and no manager and an awful away kit . If Newcastle united should have learnt one thing from their demise into the second tier of English football, it should have been to get their house in order

               As soon as the whistle blew on that fateful day at Villa park, Newcastle and Mike Ashley should have planned for an immediate return to the top flight.  Alan shearer should have got the job on the Monday, with the clear backing of Mike Ashley. These two men along with Derek Llambias should have sat down and planned for the future and put a 3-4 year plan in place to make sure Newcastle united were on a stable footing both on and off the pitch.

           Nearly 2 months after the Geordie eyes had dried, the Newcastle faithful are no closer to knowing where the club is going, and are no idea who will be in charge of the club, of the team, and who will be in charge on the pitch for the opening game against West Brom. In the Championship you need to get off to a flying start, get your points on the board and the rest will follow, as proved by Wolves this year who went 2 months without winning a game yet still won the league at a canter.  You cannot expect to get off to a flier if your club is in disarray. The only thing Mike Ashley has done since the relegation is put the club up for sale at a “discounted” £100 million, and throw into more turmoil. The problem he has is that nobody will touch the club. Anyone who comes in with the cash will immediately have to clear the debts and clear the “dead” players, because at £70 million a year, that is a ludicrously high wage bill for a mid table premiership team let alone a championship team.


Football - Bolton Wanderers v Newcastle United Barclays Premier League

That leads you onto the players. Earning so much money, driving their sports cars, living in their 6 bedroom palaces and claim to love the club. If they were asked to defer their wages to save the club, not many would, buts that loyalty in football these days. Newcastle have a history of buying overly expensive foreigners. For too long Newcastle united has become a nice little pay packet for many a player. Safe in the knowledge that if they do well for Newcastle a bigger and better club will turn up and Newcastle will “always be in their heart”. Alan Shearer knows this is the problem, he knows that if a Premiership club made a bid, or showed interest in players like, Jonas, Coloccini, Martins or Bassong, then they would demand to leave. But if Alan shearer is not in charge how can a decision be made on the future. What about the players like Damien duff and habib beye who have said they will stay and fight for the club, i don’t see them banging on the door asking for a reduction of wages because they have performed so dismally. If they were challenging top 4 and these players were playing well, you can guarantee they would be asking for pay rise.

As it stands, Newcastle united need to get rid of up to 12 players at least. A complete overhaul. If there is no manger how can this happen. They are currently 6 weeks behind the rest of the championship clubs in terms of planning for next year. The longer mike Ashley leaves the club in limbo the harder it will be for players to come and go.  Alan Shearer would have a list of names he wants to keep, and list of players he feels could do well for him. Again, if Ashley keeps dithering then some of these players may go to other rival clubs and Newcastle’s position will worsen.  Newcastle need passionate players who will give their all for the club, more importantly they need players who are interested in playing for the club rather than being paid by the club.

            Mike Ashley needs to take a back seat. Hire Alan shearer, and simply wait and bide his time. If a buyer turns up half way through the season sell up, but at the minute not many will touch it. He needs to sort the club out, because if he doesn’t hire a manger who can buy and sell his own players soon he will find the club in a lot more trouble. They are currently favourites to make an immediate return to the premier league but you would have to question why that is. There appears to be no structure and more alarmingly, there seems to be no rush to get a structure in place.

                  So just over 1 month to the start of the championship and with no manager, no transfer activity, no player recruitment and very little news from St.James park Newcastle United will be lucky to attain a play-off birth next year. If Ashley continues to (and he maybe unaware of his flaws) deconstruct the club then come may next year and Newcastle united  could be looking at another relegation,  and if that is the case, you’d have to say that they would have few to blame but themselves.



Article written by John Flanagan

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  1. admin

    27 June, 2009 at 15:25

    Glad you got it working on the NUFC blog, look forward to reading more articles. What do you think of the new yellow away shirt?

  2. nufcdad

    27 June, 2009 at 15:27

    Cheers. The new away shirt is terrible. I think mike ashley wants to be poor. His main business is to sell football shirts, the more Newcastle shirts he sells the more money he gets, so why would you decide to make a shirt that not one person will buy is beyond me.

  3. Oscar Tollast

    27 June, 2009 at 15:51

    I’m probably one of a select few who actually feel sorry for the Newcastle fans, including yourself.

    Mike Ashley seems to have turned your club into more of a joke. I would hate to be in your state of limbo. I’ve been reading the Newcastle forums a lot recently and there just seems to be this collective opinion that there is no hope on the horizon.

    I hope for the sake of the fans that a buyer can be found, Shearer or another competent manager can be installed and you get rid of some of the deadwood that ultimately led to your downfall.

    Newcastle’s performance against Villa in the last game of the season was dire to say the least. Half of the players on show didn’t look as though they cared at all.

  4. nufcdad

    27 June, 2009 at 16:25

    Thanks a lot for posting a comment much appreciated. I think you are right, we are losing all hope, season ticket sales are at a 15 year low. The fans don’t deserve what is happening but nowadays football is run by pound signs not fans. Like i said in the artcle the worst thing is, that in terms of planning for next year we are at least 6 weeks behind most the teams. Pre season starts next week aswell, who the hell will be in charge of that, i’ll have to stop there before i go into full blown rant. lol

    thnaks again for posting.

  5. Oscar Tollast

    27 June, 2009 at 19:55

    No problem.

    Although in a different league, Pompey are in a similar state of limbo. We currently haven’t got a manager and many players are unsure of what future they have.

    Until the takeover of the club is completed, there’s not a lot people can do in terms of appointing managers and buying players.

    If the takeover collapses then we’ll be in an awful position. It’s not worth thinking about.

    At the moment it looks as though we’ll be two weeks behind all other Premier League teams in terms of transfer business.

    Anyhow, enough about Pompey, good luck for the rest of the summer. Hopefully things will get sorted out in Geordieland.

  6. nufcdad

    27 June, 2009 at 20:02

    Very true. In a way i don’t want pompey to be taken over. They are a proper English club, from the fans to the stadium. Its a shame football has moved on the way it has, where by if you dont have millions even billions to spend then you will inevitably struggle. I think you’ll be ok next year, personally i think this years premiership bar the top 4 and maybe man city, is going to be very poor. teams like wigan, hull, stoke, birmingham and bolton are not great teams, and dont really bring any extra competition to an already dominated league. It may seem selfish or i may be wearing my black and white tinted glasses, but if i supported a club like Wolves, i would much prefer to watch football at a sold out St.James park rather than a half empty JJB stadium.
    At least your rivals southampton are in a much worse position than yourselves, league 1 on minus 10 points. We have to deal with Sunderland fans loving the premiership life.

  7. Oscar Tollast

    27 June, 2009 at 21:39

    Pompey need to be taken over in order to survive financially unfortunately. Otherwise we’ll end up like Southampton in my opinion.

    Not many Pompey fans are too concerned about where the money is coming from. In fact, I think more people are relieved that the money is coming from the stereotypical ‘wealthy Arab’.

    I agree, atmosphere is a key part of football in general. If you watch a team that has zero atmosphere in terms of support, it’s not going to be that entertaining and the general mood isn’t going to reflect well onto the pitch.

    Southampton are in a bad position, but due to poor financial management by Rupert Lowe. As much I enjoy to see them suffer below us, I don’t want to see them go out of existence. The ‘South Coast Derby’ is fantastic, something that I don’t want to disappear.

    Sunderland survived barely last season and were fortunate to do so. They should do a lot better this season with the financial backing they now have, but it depends on whether Bruce can spend the money wisely and whether he can attract the right players.

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