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‘Crazy’ confident Joe…

Underestimation of one Austrian journalist provoked Joe Å imunić at the press conference: “Whoever has better technique than me can signal. All Austrians together don’t have technique like me.”


Two days before the great match against Austria in Vienne, the atmosphere in a small Austrian town Bad Tatzmannsdorf gets more and more heated. Five days of talking about the match against the host done itself, the tensions are rising and everybody is nervously waiting for the referee Pieter ‘the blindman’ Vink to signal the start on Sunday in 18.00.

Today Joe Å imunić cheered up the journalists on the press conference by his original appearance after standard talks about Austria. The story was brow by an Austrian journalist when he mentioned very fast Hoffer to Joe, Austrian striker who should prepare the hell to him and Robert Kovač in that first match. According to Austrian’s theory, Joe and Kovač are good at air duels, but on the ground they aren’t something. That made Joe mad, who is for the Vatreni and the coach Slaven Bilić bigger Brazilian than Dudu, so he answered:

“Whoever has better technique than me can signal. All Austrians together don’t have technique like me. We’ve seen a lot on tapes of Austrian representation. We know everything. Still, we have to concentrate more on our game. We don’t want to underestimate Austrian players. I’ve played against many good strikers, so that the Austrian strikers don’t worry me.”

That answer laughed everybody and than came the next question: Did your coach aware you to take care what he’s doing with hands in the penalty area?

“We are aware that Austria is the host and that they will have a small credit with the referees.We’ll have to be careful, we’ve already discussed not to do stupid fouls. They are good after stoppages and our aim is to do as less as possible fouls.”, answered Joe.

Ola,Srna nad Leko

Together with him on the press conference were Ivica olić, Igor Budan and Jerko Leko, but most of the questions were directed towards Joe. At the standard timetable, half an hour after the players, Slaven Bilić came to the press center. He was welcomed by that earlier mentioned Austrian journalist with a question about earlier mentioned Hoffer: What will be when the fast Hoffer starts rushing towards Croatian penalty area?

“He will be met by fast Å imunić and fast Kovač. Well, our players have already played against fast Rooney and fast Arshavin and fast Kerzhakov, not to mention the others. There’s no need to say that we are slow when we have stopped the fast ones.”,said Bilić and also answered the question if the Vatreni are feeling stage fright two days before the Sunday.

“I don’t know who doesn’t feel the stage fright. Even the fans feel it. It’s not a fear, it’s thinking. Those are specific situations before the game, no matter is it against Andorra or England. And we don’t have any illusions that it will be easy. We respect Austria till the end, from our mouth no bad or underestimating words have been directed towards the opponent.”


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