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Do Manchester United really need another striker?

According to Sky Sports this morning rumour is that Stefan Jovetic is being looked at by Manchester United. Add this to the other names United are looking at, it certainly looks like this is an area that David Moyes is looking to expand in. The question I ask is why? Looking at the options we have and the area we need to improve, I would say that with Robin Van Persie, Rooney, Hernandez and Wellbeck, I think we already have the strike force to succeed. The area United need to bolster is midfield preferably in attacking. I always think 4 strikers is enough to carry a team through a season as long as they are capable of scoring. Van Persie last year had no problem with scoring last season and before the banter starts that he carried us I will say yes he did, he was our best player last season by a long shot.

With Rooney now supposedly staying its another bonus. I wouldn’t say he had the best of seasons last year and off the field he has infuriated me on more than one occasion but on the field if he hits form he can be lethal and his link up play with Van Persie could be the difference to a league win next year (if he stays). Hernandez has become a bit of a fringe player as of late but I did see glimpses of potential last season certainly an improvement from the 2011/2012 campaign and I think he should be given another year at least to show signs of improvement.

As for Welbeck he could be a key character to come as a starlet in the future. I didn’t think much of him as a player when he first came on the scene at united but the loan spell at Sunderland opened my eyes to his potential. Evidence of this last season would have to be the first leg against Madrid in the Champions league I would have to say he was one of the best players on the pitch and I certainly think he should get some more game time next season thus improving his skills and also becoming a good prospect for the national team in years to come. Lastly I will say that if Rooney does decide to leave again then I think would be a good time to phone Mr Jovetic or Mr Lewandowki.



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