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England vs United States Previewed

Since their first meeting in 1950 the US has managed to win one other match against England.  The US holds the lead in world cup group wins; since the clubs have only met one time in world cup qualifying play.  England has managed to defeat the United States mens team in almost every outing managing a record of seven wins, and just two losses.  Many people on both sides of the pond are saying that 2010 could be the year for the US.  I am not quick to jump on the bandwagon.  My hopes for the 2010 World Cup are simple.  Being an American,  I don’t want my team to get beat up on too badly.  I would like a decent showing in front of the rest of the world. Through those goals I hope that my country will develop an appreciation for the sport I call football.

United States v Costa Rica

My country has no conception of what the rest of the world refers to as football.  The cretins boo’d David Beckham on the pitch in Los Angeles.  The people who do not follow football have no understanding of the pride that comes in playing for your national squad.  The media is no help as soccer scores and stories are relegated to the back of the sports section.  One of  the local school  teams in the city that I live in managed to not lose a single match this year; not only was their achievment relegated to one paragraph at the back of the sport section, but graduating players talked about hanging up their boots and going to college not realizing that there was another steps that could be taken.  When the US defeated Spain in CONFED competition earlier this year not very many sports journalist were impressed.  Many journalist talked about how bored they were with that match, and soccer matches in general.  Many wrote about how much more exciting a baseball game would be.  Baseball is so mind numbly boring that I would rather have dental work than subjected to nine innings of crap played by faux atheletes pumped up on anabolic steriods.  Being a football (soccer) fan I have been trying to find out how the US as a nation became interested in a bastard sport that is called football.  I can tell you all that it hasn’t always been that way.

There was a team that had its on football (soccer) specific stadium built in 1914 to seat from 10,000 to 20,000 fans.  This teams owner signed the best players from England and Scotland to play; the teams owner was steel tycoon Charles Schwab.  The team was Bethleham Steel FC; located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania,  United States of America.  The Fall River Marksmen in Massachusettes was another club that enticed some of the best players from Europe to play.  Some players came from Arsenal, Manchester United, Rangers, and many more.  The Fall River Marksmen toured Europe, and then also had some of the best clubs from Europe play them in the US.  Fall River FC played Rangers three times from 1928 to 1930 coming away with one draw and two losses.  There were over twenty clubs in the league, and they all had the same recruiting practices.

As the great depression hit in the 1930’s the teams started to fall apart and the league folded.  All that is left from the era is a dilapidated stadium that the Fall River Marksmen once played in.  The league nor teams made a recovery; consequently neither did the sport within the US.

So my wishes for the US mens national team is to help further the respect for the sport of football.  I want football (soccer) to be considered an upper tier sport in my own country worthy of positive press and headlines.  As for winning group c; I am realistic, I don’t think we are that good and we do not deserve it.  Any country in which their best players can walk the streets in anonymity simply does not deserve it.

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