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Excitement looms in season of uncertainty

The English Premier League is fast approaching with the thrills and spills that come with it only a matter of days away. What this season offers is much uncertainty which brings with it much excitement.

The traditional structure of the ‘Top 4’ Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool was broken. Tottenham entered this somewhat elusive group breaking down the barrier between ‘Top 4’ and Europa contendor.

This event alone provides much uncertainty, and with it hope for Spurs fans but what trailed behind by only a few points is an unknown quantity Manchester City Football Club. This club with seemly limitless transfer funds have bought in essential key players accross the park, players who have performed at different clubs in different leagues with individual praise. What they can offer for season 2010/2011 is significantly unknown these players may not mix and may not fit into the style of the league but could also do the unthinkable and finish higher than cross town rivals Manchester United and challenge for the title.

The midtable battlers are again at it, who can remember Blackburn’s home run last season? drawing with Chelsea and Manchester United at home as both closed in on the title. Birmingham’s incrediable run of wins and Everton’s rise back up the table to display fine form in the new year. All of these much unexpected events added to the excitement of the league.

Newcastle United are once again into the premier league and many do not know what to expect from the team fresh out of the championship. West Ham United fresh from a splash of cash, an undefeated pre season and 6 signings over the summer to bolster a team which finished in a lowly position could provide much excitement for fans and observers alike.

The events untangling at Aston Villa with manager Martin O’Neill walking out the door only days before the season begins. How will the group of players reorganise under a caretaker coach? will the team finish anywhere near the consistant 6th position of the past 3 seasons?

There is so much on offer for many of the clubs with season 2010/2011 looking promising in many ways with new ideas and a change of the guard for the top clubs. All which lead to a more competitive league and adding to the excitement of the most popular league in the world.

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