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Stankovic: A BIG NO!

This comes unsurprisingly! Juve sporting directors are looking seriously into buying Inter midfielder Stankovic but their fans have other ideas! and I agree. How can we bring such a filthy player to join Juventus. And he would be a hypocrite to join the squad too… Let him enjoy last season’s scudetto ‘senza rubare’ as he enjoyed saying after winning the 06/07 scudetto clearly referring to the scandal which left Juve demoted to Serie B! We don’t want him! Many fans have protested against this transfer and it seems that finally Cobolli Gigli has given some time to hear the fans.

“The objective is to strengthen the midfield but at the moment I can’t give you a precise name,” said Gigli.

“In the coming weeks we will reach a conclusion, but now it is premature to name names.

“With regards to Stankovic I can say that the affair is still being examined by the management, but we do take into account the position of the supporters.”

Senza Giocare, Vinciamo Senza Giocare!


Stay rotting in Inter Stankovic! We don’t need you!

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