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France Odds for Euro 2008


A leading bookmaker, Bwin, has placed France in fourth place to win the European Championships 2008. The favourite to win the cup is Germany, which has won the competition twice as West Germany (1972 and 1980) and once as Germany (1996). Bwin is tipping the Germans for the Euro 2008 title, with odds of 4.75. France have odds of 8.50, behind Italy and Spain which have odds of 7.00 and 7.25 respectively.

France have odds of 1.60 to qualify from a tight Group C. They have odds of 4.75 to qualify as runner-ups to Italy, and odds of 5.25 to top the group and having Italy as 2nd placed. The current World Champions are favourites to qualify alongside France.

Thierry Henry has odds of 17.00 to finish the competition as top scorer, while young striker Karim Benzema has odds of 26.00, closely followed by Anelka with 29.00.

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