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Liverpool’s Mistakes In the Suarez Case

Football managers have a responsibility of protecting their players. Kenny Daglish, Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger have shown intense disgust about reporters trying to accuse and put pressure on their players. That’s really a good sign from the managers as expounding your harsh feelings of player in front of the cameras doesn’t quite have a good impact on the player and the team’s morale. Notwithstanding the fact that protecting your players is part of the game, the right must always be upheld and lessons taken from the initiation of such criticism.

Liverpool are a big club but had fallen short in the handling of the Suarez Evra racism row. The club and manager’s support of Luis Suarez was very impressive as they never made him walk alone, but a few responsibilities were shunned. Of course Manchester United also supported Patrice Evra and that made you wonder who was really telling the truth. Only time had to tell.

The FA’s decision for both clubs to be silent on the case was ignored by Liverpool who kept on defending their player week in and week out. Luis Suarez claimed to have called Patrice Evra what his team mates call him and later revealed what he said was acceptable and not considered racist in South America where he comes from. In a massive fixture of Liverpool versus Manchester United, Suarez couldn’t have used that in a friendly manner than to provoke Evra and Liverpool knowing the laws of the land where they play their football and their stance against racism should have shut their player up before his hearing by the FA. The involvement of Liverpool manager, Kenny Danglish in the FA’s appeal to UEFA on Rooney’s three match ban was also a wrong move by the Scot. Knowing that the two organizations have different rules governing them, King Kenny as Liverpool fans like to call him shouldn’t have criticized the FA as UEFA have no specified number of matches to be missed upon receiving a red card.                                                                                                                                                                               The time of the investigation had taken much longer than expected and Liverpool made a big mistake not keeping Suarez’s behaviour and frustration in matches under control. Can’t imagine how Suarez could have made that hand gesture to Fulham fans knowing that small time of demonstrating his frustration would have caused him a serious one on one chat with his manager. And this really raises the question whether the Liverpool manager had sternly talked to the South American about his behaviour after his racism row.

Liverpool’s chance on triumphing in an appeal is continually diminishing as their attack on Patrice Evra after the eight match ban verdict doesn’t help either.                                                                                                                                                                      

Experience is the worst teacher as it gives the test before presenting the lesson. Liverpool have had a tough test and failed. Hope this lesson of theirs will help them pass another test if any is encountered.

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