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The Manchester Derby on Sunday

This year the first Manchester derby of the Barclay’s Premier League season will be taking place next Sunday at 1:30pm at the Etihad Stadium. Their will be a lot of tension as a result of last season’s result where Manchester City beat Manchester United 6-1. This season Manchester United find themselves in first place at this point.

Manchester City have just been kicked out of the Champion’s League while Manchester United have already advanced to the knock-out stages. That is one of the things that experts think could make a small difference between a win and loss for either team. Another issue that might make a difference is the Manchester United defence. In United’s last Premier League match against Reading  “it was the worst defence of the season” as said in Alex Ferguson’s words. As thought Alex Ferguson is very worried especially as Manchester City are full of attackers who are very tall which has been United’s problem lately. This is a great worry for Sir. Alex and his men.

On the other hand, Roberto Mancini must be worried about how his team’s morale might affect the result in the first place and second his team’s defence, just like the Manchester United manager, as Manchester United are full of skilled and talented attackers who have been scoring late on in the game which has been saving them lately. It is almost sure that Mancini will be bracing his men for an attacking force like no other which unfortunately for Mancini is something that he has to worry about.

Manchester United are hoping to have their captain back to full form for the derby. The return of Nemanja Vidic would definitely be a relief for Sir. Alex Ferguson as he is very good in the air and is one of their best defenders. However, Sir Alex has already said that if Nemanja is not fit for the Cluj game on Wednesday he definitely will not play on Sunday but his return will be coming along soon as the skipper is already training with the team but is still not at his 100% , so it all depends on the Cluj game and the Manchester United starting line-up.

As for the game it may be a deciding  factor in the title chase and a possible changer if Manchester United win because as a result Manchester City would find themselves 6 points behind Manchester United and 7 points away from Chelsea, in 3rd place, unless the Blues win their next game against 17th place Sunderland who are currently struggling. This should be an influential game for Benitez and Chelsea. Anyway good luck to both teams and may the best team win.

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