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Manchester United’s Transition Change from Sir Alex to Moyes

For Manchester United it is the biggest transition change they will probably ever make going from the only one Sir Alex Ferguson who everyone knew and that is the only manager the younger generation know, to a manager that has never won a trophy at Everton and he had some chances. However Moyes did keep Everton stable all the time always a top half finish for them but this is something different.

The fear factor that Fergie used to give to the opposite team was massive he was the most respected man in management and had the legendary hair dryer. Some teams lost there before even game started they were scared of Fergie and his teams because they were always winners and never gave up to the final whistle.

Moyes has to install something into this squad something that will make them winners again cause they haven’t looked very good and sooner or later the Manchester United fans will get on his back he has to get Champions league to help pay for the debts what they have and to make them have a bit of transfer budget for the next season without Champions league Manchester United could be looking like Liverpool were for a couple of seasons out of it and not good enough to challenge for Champions league and having to settle for Europa league.

Moyes has put faith in young Adnan Januzaj and yes he is a good player and looks to be talented but honestly Moyes should start the players that he knows what he is going to get putting this pressure on the young lad could stunt him and if he feels the pressure then that could be end of the lad he might just go backwards.

Moyes needs time but unfortunately he hasn’t got time there is 6 teams going for Champions league and to me only Chelsea is a banker to get a Champions league squad Tottenham could do what they always do and chuck it away. Arsenal with a good start a couple of injuries to defensive players and Giroud could end there Champions league place.Manchester City are unpredictable on how they are going to preform they have the class but so do all the teams.

Liverpool is a big one lets see how far they have come under Brendan Rodgers if they don’t get Champions league this year he will be sacked same for AVB if he doesn’t get Champions league. Can Manchester United get Champions league?

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