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Mark Cooper sacked as manager of Peterborough United

Today, it was announced that Peterborough United manager Mark Cooper has been sacked from his managerial position at London Road (,,10427~1951570,00.html)

Cooper has been in-charge for just 79 days at London Road, and this is now Peterborough’s second managerial sacking of the season, following Darren Ferguson’s departure.


Mark Cooper picked up just 7 points in his 11 League matches, an average of 0.58 points per game. In comparison with Ferguson’s record this is a back-wards step for Peterborough United, Ferguson’s was averaging 0.69 points per game in his spell managing Posh in the Championship.

With the departure of Cooper who the club turn to next it anyone’s guess, MacAnthony has always turned to appointing, managers and players that are ‘young and hungry’ but this policy has been shown up this season with the club 11 points away from safety as it looks like League 1 is the only possibility for the club who’s dramatic rise up the divisions was well documented. Fans are left wondering whether MacAnthony will this time turn to a more experienced Championship manager or will the current policy stick and again a young, up and coming, lower league manager be appointed at London Road?


The former Kettering Town managers departure is certainly a more popular one with the fans than the Ferguson sacking, there has been pressure on Mark Cooper’s job for a few weeks now with fans criticising his more direct tactics and the fact that the club were not creating the chances that they were under Ferguson, the figures show this too, under Ferguson Aaron McLean, Craig Mackail-Smith and George Boyd, the three players generally regarded as Posh’s best attacking threats, collectively scored a total of 22 goals in 20 matches. Their figures under Cooper are dramatically decreased, with just 5 goals scored between them in 13 games and with the club only scoring 1 goal in 2010 so far.

Popular choices for the next manager at Peterborough with the fans are Aidy Boothroyd formerly at Watford and recently appointed Colchester manager, Steve Cotteril the ex Burnley manager and Jim Gannon, the ‘gaffer’ who worked wonders with a Stockport side. However question marks loom over all of these men, Boothroyd has only just got the Colchester job, Cotteril has been out of management for over 4 years now and someone of Jim Gannon’s character is unlikely to want to work with Barry Fry, another ‘larger than life’ character.


Whatever happens this season, unless dramatically turned around, is one Posh fans are wishing to forget, the club has faltered and now looked doomed to be heading back down the leagues and losing most of their top talent with it, the stability of the club since MacAnthony’s arrival has gone and now The Posh find themselves in a mess the need to get themselves out of fast. Whoever gets the new job as manager of Peterborough United no doubt has a challenge on their hands.

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  1. Chelseafanrash

    1 February, 2010 at 18:56

    An absolute shambles, should never have been appointed in the first place, and the timing of Cooper’s sacking is appaling. Surely, a few days ago at the very least to give time for a new manager to be appointed as well as time for the new man to then bring in some fresh faces whilst the transfer window remains open. Peterborough need to get the right man in, I believe Steve Coppell if at all possible and MacAnthony should do all he can to ensure Coppell can be approached, no matter the money he asks for, what with the seemingly waste of compensating first Ferguson, and now Cooper.

    All I can say if Peterborough look dead n buried to me, all the best to them and I sincerely hope they stay up, although if I weer a betting man I would’ve had them as relegated long ago 😛

    PS… Top Article (Y) Very informative to a casual follower of Peterborough

  2. PBoro4eva

    1 February, 2010 at 20:52

    MCAnthony is at greatest fault of everyone here. It was bold to sack Ferguson, and that kind of drastic measure meant he absolutely HAD to deliver with the next manager. Who did he pick? A long-ball loving conference manager on the basis that he watched 16 dvd’s of the team in one night.

    Now we need someone, more than anything, that is good at spotting talent. This new manager will know there is little pressure on him to keep us up, and when we do go down, expect Boyd, Lewis, Zak, CMS, Coutts and McLean to go. The new manager will have to recuit well to make up for these loses. I reckon Rowe will be able to (just about) fill Boyds boots, and the transfer fees from these guys will be topping £4-5mill. Use it well, and we will be back for 11-12, and still be on course for McCanthony’s plans to have us Prem by 2013.

  3. John Verrall

    1 February, 2010 at 21:24

    To be honest MacAnthony had no choice but to sack Ferguson if you take what was said in his statement to be true, it was a shame but it was the correct decision to make at the time.

    He did make an error in the fact that Cooper shouldn’t have been appointed in the first place but many chairman have made errors in the form of sacking a wrong manager, it is now time to move on and get the right man in for the job, which is looking like Jim Gannon if sources are to be believed.

    Coutts has already gone but following our likely relegation, I would certainly expect to see McLean, Boyd, Lewis and C-M-S leave. With the potential for players like Zakuani and Bennett to leave also, once again it is there replacements that will be crucial as to the future success of our club.

  4. Jonesy

    1 February, 2010 at 23:43

    Cooper should have stayed at Kettering and I bet he regrets leaving now. Might be a smaller club but a lot more loyal than Peterborough. It’s a joke giving somebody a 3+ year contract and sacking them already. I bet cooper is glad he’s out of such a shambles. Lets hope Kettering don’t take pity and have him back!

  5. John Verrall

    3 February, 2010 at 18:36

    I’m sure Cooper now would have been wishing he had stayed at Kettering but this was his oppurtunity to manage at a highly level and make a name for himself within the game. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out as planned for Cooper but I am sure he will be able to get a job back in the lower echolons of English football.

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