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Modrić:I’ll remember this day my entire life!

“When we stepped out for warm-up and have seen full stands, we knew it will end up great. Thank to all fans, they are the best and they will always be in my heart.”, saluted Luka Maksimir.


He was brilliant again.In his last home match at Maksimir and also his good bye he showed why are the fans so sore about his leaving. He took part in every goal action, lead the team forward and was a truly director of his adieu in which Rijeka lost 6-1 to Dinamo.


When he was leaving the field in 80th minute, for the last time at Maksimir, his team-mates brought him out on their hands, and Luka spontaneously ran towards the North (where are Bad Blue Boys – the most passionate Dinamo fans). It didn’t look like he is leaving the field, so he ran the honorary circle, and the stands were boiling…


“I’ll remember this day my entire life.Thank God that we confirmed the title with this beautiful game style in front of so many fans, I’m really exceedingly happy. When we stepped out for warm-up and have seen full stands, we knew it will end up great, we wanted to present them as much as possible beautiful game.”, talked Luka after the match in which everything was subjected to him.

Everybody wanted to give him hand, touch him, thank him, and it wasn’t easy even to him. After the assignation of the trophy he ran to the North and lead the reeling for half an hour, and when he stood in front of the camera he was quiet again. He usually talks the most on the field, and this time it looked even more like the words are hooking in his throat.

Luka and Zdravko Mamić

“I am really thankful for all the fans. What to say, they are the best in the world and they will always be in my heart”, bespoke Luka for the end.

Happy was also Zvonimir Soldo, whose place on the bench was saved by the beautiful game and six goals in Rijeka’s net.

“Yes, that title was expected, but concerning that we have to play one more game, the one in the Cup, we shouldn’t celebrate in advance”, said Soldo remembering that the true celebration of the double crown could come on Wednesday, when modri are playing the second leg in the Cup against Hajduk in Split (the first one finished 3-0 for Dinamo).


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