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Party Fever in Full Flow

Only now do people understand the sheer elation that South Africa as a whole experienced when their nation won the right to host the World Cup. The concept was barely possible twenty years ago, with Apartheid still in full flow; South Africa was a country in turmoil. But now, with undoubtedly the biggest tournament in the world coming to the African continent, everyone understands its’ significance.

Butana Komphela, chairman of the Sport and Recreation committee, said, ‘Today we are celebrating the World Cup because we have been given a fair chance. And this is what we needed. The world will never forget South Africa.’ For a nation so deluged in theft and gun crime to be hosting the World Cup is unthinkable, but the party fever can be seen across the nation.

Party fever is in full swing across the nation

This fever is replicated in the anticipation and excitement amongst ‘normal’ South African citizens. In the major cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town, the sound of vuvuzela’s can be distinctly heard despite the typical working noises. And despite the countries negative representation, many significant figureheads of football have opposed this view. Cafu, Brazil’s legendary right-back, said, ‘I believe everybody is going to get a huge wake-up call when they see what South Africa is capable of.’

So there you have it. Despite South Africa being rank outsiders to win the event, their fans will continue to party. To them, this is a celebration of their achievements.

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