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Why were people so surprised that Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge could score goals?

When the £12 million deal for Daniel Sturridge to move from Chelsea to Liverpool was announced, a small wave of questioning came over the critics. Will he be good enough for Liverpool? Their argument was he had not performed at Manchester City or Chelsea so surely he isn’t good enough for Liverpool. I couldn’t disagree more, Sturridge was never given a fair chance at Chelsea, always being played out of position and never allowed to play through the middle in his favoured position. He always has looked like a very good striker but there he always was, out on the wing, desperately trying to find a chance at goal to prove his prowess in front of goal. Then there was his stint at Bolton where he scored 8 goals in 12 games and showed what he could do if he was trusted as a centre forward. Yet, when the deal for Liverpool was announced people seemed surprised as if when he was given his chance at Bolton he didn’t take it and I’m pleased to see him take his chance again at Liverpool.

So what does Sturridge’s future hold? Surely consistency will be a huge part of his Liverpool career, regular playing in his favoured position. That will be a huge part of the reason as to why he left Chelsea, knowing he, along Suarez, are top of the pecking order instead of being almost ignored as Torres missed time and time again. I hope for Sturridge that he will really show his true potential during his time at Liverpool, with their new signing Philipe Coutinho joining the ranks showing the project at Liverpool is really making good steps.

If Sturridge does excel on Merseyside, something he is fully capable of, then maybe it will bring more International caps, I think him being over looked for England duty so often was a result of him playing on the wing so regularly. Sturridge will force Hodgson to give me a chance if he continues his goal scoring and with a real lack of world class strikers(except Wayne) in England then maybe this move could signify Sturridge beginning to stake a claim for an England shirt and move off his cap figure of 4. If he can continue his resurgence at Liverpool then a place in the 2014 World Cup squad is a good target for him, if he can just get prove to these doubters that he can fill his potential.

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