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Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho to Return to England? Back to Chelsea one day?

Jose Mourinho has insisted he shall return to the Premier League in the future as he claimed he is still close friends with the Chelsea staff. The current Real Madrid manager was in charge of Chelsea from 2004-07, taking them to their first and second Premier League title and also won the FA and League cups respectively.

When questioned if he would return to Stamford Bridge, Jose said “I want to be back in English football one day yes and I’ve always thought that. I’ll go where people really want me and when that moment arrives, they’ll show me they really want me. That is important for me, but I repeat, I am with Real Madrid, where I very much want to be” almost instantly halting any rumours from spreading too quickly.

Mourinho’s dismissal from Chelsea came five years ago as Roman Abramovich claimed “He was too friendly with the board”. The Portugese manager revealed “I had to go because I was too friendly with them- the managers. I didn’t want to stay and let things go into a direction where we felt wasn’t the best one, so we felt that was the best decision, because we are friends. We will be friends forever me and Abramovic”.

Perhaps the friendship can find some time to re-kindle but first you’ll have to fight Roberto Di Matteo for the place as he has already achieved one championship that the Portugese mastro could never achieve. Roberto won the Champions League.

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  1. osamudiamen kelvin ogbewe

    21 August, 2012 at 15:56

    I want jose mouriniho to come back to enland club but not chelsea the clud dot disave him.

  2. Tom

    21 August, 2012 at 16:01

    Remember just under 12 months ago, Mourinho insisted that last season at real Madrid would be his last. Then he signed a contract extension. He is the master of mind games and opposition managers often become a cipher as a result. Mourinho is very unique in his approach but on the field, Mourniho’s sides don’t tend to have a “Unique” playing style that clubs like Manchester United and Barcelona do. It’s just their way of doing things. Mourniho changes tactics probably as a mind game, but from evidence at his time with Madrid he also likes his players to try and take out others or at least have a good hack at them. He can control his players ego’s no doubt. He’d be good at Man City, but I look at people like Pepe and I think Mourinho has made him into this foul ridden footballer (The Vilanova incident shows exactly his intentions). That’s what brings down his and his teams respect from people like myself.

  3. samuel

    21 August, 2012 at 16:57

    it wil b a dream come true if mou comes back 2 epl irrespective of any clup he chooses. Mou is an intelligent tactician & d best coach in d planent earth.

  4. Dinshiya

    21 August, 2012 at 23:27

    If josh wishes 2 come then he is welcome but not in cfc.

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