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Remembering Lyon

Before the important match, the foreign journalists were more interested in music. That made Bilić mad: “Stop with those ridiculous questions. We are here for football. These are the questions for Modra lasta, and not for Euro”.


The scenario was repeated – cloudburst washed Croatian national team players at the last training session in Vienna  before the match with Austria, and the same thing has happened this time, in Klagenfurt before the match with Germany. While Bilić’s chosen ones were starting the practice at Wörthersee stadium, the black clouds covered the sky. The captain Niko Kovač was sure that the rain won’t be a problem. He is convinced that he and his teammates will offer an excellent appearance against the Germans.

After the training session, about Elf was talking Slaven Bilić, highlighting that the German national team is strong and full of confidence: “Germany is a force and everybody sees them as one of the main candidates for the European throne”, said Croatian coach whose reputation of musician obviously became known to everybody. So the question from one foreign journalist,who wanted to know if the match against Germany is a rock success or a downfallen rock ballade made Bilić angry.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you, stop cumbering me with ridiculous questions. We are here for football, and not for music. These are the questions for Modra lasta, and not for Euro”,said Nane who didn’t want to answer it.

The majority was curious if Bilić’s team will look for inspiration in the victory of Vatreni against Germany (3:0) on the World Cup in 1998 in Lyon.

“It’s nice to remember that game, that is one of our the greatest victories, but that’s history. We are relying on ourselves, we know we’re good, now we just have to show it on the field”, accented Croatian coach.

On the question if he’ll hope for the title in case of victory over Germany, Bilić was honest: “I will. Whoever wins Germany, has the right to hope for the victory at European championship”, Bilić concluded at the press conference in Klagenfurt.

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