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Will Robin Van Persie Live To Regret His Arsenal Decision?

I can imagine the scene, the father-son like relationship between Arsene Wegner and Robin Van Persie broken as Van Persie reveals he won’t sign a new contract. Robin’s eyes rooted to the floor as he avoids any contact, his voice crackling as he mutters the words “I’m leaving gaffer”. Wenger like many of us knew this was coming, he continues to read some papers on his desk, buying a few more seconds and delaying the inevitable, he finally looks up and tilts his glasses down, Robins gaze finally meets his and Wegner clears his throat gruffly before speaking in his hoarse Scottish accent “Why son, why? You could be the greatest player in the world”. Why does he have a Scottish accent? Because it in all dramatizations of the Arsenal backroom staff Wenger should be played by Brian Cox that’s why.

Van Persie’s statement on his website was respectful, he has always been a likeable character and has dealt with this situation with class and professionalism. Could he be making the wrong decision though? Arsenal have already made strides to bolster their attack with the acquisitions of Lukas Podoloski a player who has matured from his rough patch at Bayern Munich and is a real direct player and dangerous threat on the wings or upfront. They have also signed Oliver Giroud whose 21 goals helped Montpelier win the Ligue 1 last year. Both these signings show change in Arsenals old “Buying for the future” Policy, while neither are over the hill they are both mature players with Podolski at 27 and Giroud at 25. While Van Persie had a great season he was overworked and over relied on, both these players can alleviate the burden on his shoulders. Depth was a real issue at Arsenal but they have addressed that issue upfront at least, RVP, Giroud, Walcott and Podolski, Gervinho are impressive options upfront.

Arsenal’s ongoing injuries have to be taken into account, Wilishere missing the whole season was a huge blow, if he can get back to fitness for the start of the season Arsenals midfield could consist of any combination Wilishere, Rosicky, Song, Ramsey and Arteta as well as some talented youngsters in Coquelin, Frimpong and Lansbury. Ryo Miyaichi had a good loan spell with Bolton last season and proved he can be dangerous at this level also. Arsenal are also still apparently in the chase for Yann M’Vila the extremely talented French Midfielder. He could be the missing piece in an Arsenal team that could contend this year provided they keep all the pieces of their jigsaw. Of course luck always play a part and for Arsenal luck is seldom on their side. Still the talent at Arsenal can’t be ignored and if Van Persie as unlikely as it is decides to stay, they could be stronger than they have been in years.

The only feasible options for Van Persie are Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Manchester City, United or perhaps P.S.G. Something tells me he would be surplus to requirements at Barcelona provided Villa is back to full form this year, also Madrid already have Benzema, Ronaldo and Higuain its hard to see where he could slot in. He would be crucified by his former supporters for joining either of the Manchester clubs, and PSG doesn’t really justify his departure in the hunt for more silverware. So will it be Juventus? It’s hard to see, the Seria A is still considered a big step down from the Premier League. Whatever happens he will likely be gone from Arsenal within the next few weeks, it will be interesting to see whether he made the right decision or not.

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  1. About rvp

    9 July, 2012 at 08:57

    Pls winger should try convice him to stay at arsenal if he refuse to say let him go.another star will rise again may arsenal will win cup this season.gunners tin i die

  2. Tom

    9 July, 2012 at 09:26

    The only sensible option for RVP , if he does leave, is Man City and here are the reasons why. Money is the main one! … Call me a cynic but when I hear someone repeatedly say money isn’t their concern, usually the opposite is true. He already knows the league, so the transition should be smooth and he can hit the ground running. Yes, Arsenal fans will never forgive him , but he will have to put up with the abuse only twice in a season , which for 220 thou a week is well worth it. He will win trophies at Man City as well , which according to him is his main motivation for wanting to leave Arsenal. Any other option would be a mistake . Spanish league is more technical and he would find it more difficult to dominate defenders as he has in England . Italy and France are a step down from the Premier League , so it makes little sense going there. However if he does leave Arsenal, he will never have that kind of support he received on and off the pitch from fans and players. At Arsensl he was a go to guy and every other player wearing Arsenal shirt was looking to find him with a telling pass. At Man City this won’t be the case , there are too many egos, too many players trying to justify their enormous paychecks and their places in the squad.

  3. Charlie G

    9 July, 2012 at 09:39

    Robin will not be missed.His replacement is already in, played over 100 games for Germany, Podolski.This guy is fast, skilful and strong. He will be our pointman next season. Forget about RIP, he will go. One season wonder, thats all, another Flamini. what I dislike about his statement is that he after one great season thinks he had become the supremo of ARSENAL,telling the club what to do. Get real, man.
    My prediction of RVP is that he will be back to the treament table soon and everyone at the club willbe patting themselves that they got good money for him…RVP will be RIP.
    Thanks for ONE great season and the transfer fees earned.

  4. eliphas

    9 July, 2012 at 09:51


  5. Ohaletegreg

    9 July, 2012 at 12:14

    Surely he will regret it. But i believe is not going any where.

  6. Ohaletegreg

    9 July, 2012 at 12:19

    Venpersie going out or leaving arsenal means he is an ingrate. I dont believe that he has forgethin what the Club offered him in a hurry. So is payback period. He should know. And i knew he knews. Up gunners.

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