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The Saturday Feeling

This blog entry is about that Saturday feeling every football fan gets before the big match day. This could be felt by all football fans; however it can be heavily argued that the feeling is a lot stronger if you are heading to a live match with the full atmosphere. This Saturday feeling will go through the first thoughts when waking up to the events which may take place after the game.

When waking up on a Saturday match day, it is very much like the feeling at the start of the season. You wake up with pure optimism, believing it is your team’s day with it not making a difference what team you are facing or where you stand in the league before the game takes place. You also wake up with the feeling that you know you will be blown away with some of the aspects of the day.

The walk to the ground is the first real sign of the “buzz”. This is when all your fellow fans start to collectivise together on the way to the ground with the buzz of anticipation surrounding you. This can be due to different fans talking about the possibilities of the game, and hearing the positive thoughts of the fans increases your own optimism heading to the ground.

Many fans will have a part of the match-day experience that catches them the most, for me it is the entering of the ground and the anticipation waiting for the teams to walk out the dugout. This also involves an overwhelming buzz around the ground and the growing emergence of banters and chanting between the home and away fans, all taking full advantage of the anticipation growing. The music is very important for the buzz and anticipation and can really pump up any football fan before a game. When your clubs song for the season starts to play and the teams arrive through the dugouts, the noise that echoes around the ground will arguably be the most electrifying of the day, due to the fact that this will come from all corners of the ground, with everyone having high expectations for their team’s performance during the match.

The feeling at the time of the match itself can really depend on how your respective team are performing and the result throughout the match.  Regardless of this however, there will still be a buzz, whether the fans around you will be in jubilant spirits or in acts of intimidation and aggressive anger.

The events after the game are more interesting from what I personally have observed. At this point regardless of the result, fans who are strangers will either celebrate or comfort with each other, with this form of interaction not being seen at other periods of the day. This can be at the pub after the game with everyone discussing the match they have witnessed, or the walk home discussing the match or maybe how other results have gone either in favour or against the side.

Now from what can be seen, you could argue I very much prefer the atmosphere and the buzz before the game than the game itself and what could happen after, which is true. I am taking into account that I am talking about my experience of home match-days, with the away match-days being able to produce something completely different. Also you have to take into account the fans you as a unit and what team you support, as everyone will have different experiences of the Saturday feeling. What I know I do share with other football fans around the world however is that I know we all have the Saturday feeling. I also know all of us will get a strong and atmospheric buzz at some point during the footballing day. I would love to hear everyone’s views on their Saturday feeling and how it can compare to mine.

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