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Manchester United

Should we be worried?

     Two matches into the EPL season and the Red Devils should be undefeated. Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen should have five goals a piece;  Michael Owen should now have regained his form; he should also be in Fabio Capello’s good grace ready to restore Three Lions back to glory.  Two matches into the season, and that hasn’t happened.  Most journalist that are less than impartial are already using the word crisis, and writing this Manchester United season off.  Chelsea’s Frank Lampard is saying that a transfer of Lionel Messi is the only move that can save United.  What many nay sayers need to remember we are only two games into the season.  

  The beginning of this season is just like the beginning of any other Premier League season: too soon to tell.  Sports journalist are all ecstatic about Tottenham.  Tottenham is this years Hull City.  Manchester United is an unpredictable roller coaster.  About October Tottenham will already have started their descent to the middle or lower quarter of the table.  Manchester City will be slowly accepting the fact they are a mid level mediocre club worthy of a tenth place finish.  Manchester United will start their push toward the English Premier League title.

     What the rest of the premier league does not seem to understand is that Manchester United relishes in finding young talent and developing them into world class players.  Christiano Ronaldo was far from perfect his first venture out on the pitch at Old Trafford.  Manchester United has a wealth of talent that it can access…when they are healthy.  Nani, Van Der Saar, Vidic, and Ferdinand will make the difference as they each come back after nursing injuries.  August and September are traditionally rough months for Manchester United.  Why Worry?  Mick Phelan assistant manager says not to worry.  Opposition Burnley  boss Owen Coyle says that the Red Devils will still win the Premier League.  Most importantly Sir Alex Ferguson isn’t concerned, so why should we be concerned.  I think that Wigan may be tied to the whipping post this weekend.



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