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SPL destination; Rangers Ibrox or Celtic Park?

Two games to go. One point separating the two sides. Zero room for error. Who will come out on top?

More often than not, the destination of the SPL title comes down to the wire. Twice in the last three years has it gone to the last day of the season, and it’s looking very likely that it could be the final day of the season which will determine who manages to win the trophy.

Rangers are currently one point ahead after comfortably taking the three points from their potentially tricky home match against Hearts. They host Dundee United on Tuesday night at Ibrox, before facing Kilmarnock on the final day away from home. Celtic, who have a three goal advantage in terms of goal difference, managed to beat Kilmarnock away from today to keep within one point of leaders Rangers. They have to travel to Tynecastle to face Hearts on Wednesday night, before playing at home to Motherwell. Both teams have tricky games, but just who has the advantageous final couple of games?

Personally, I can’t look past Rangers. They have hit top form at exactly the right time, and have scored nine goals in their last two games, conceding no goals in the process. They may have lost to Dundee United at home recently, but I fully expect them to triumph on Tuesday night. The final game of the season will be a tricky one, away to Kilmarnock. but Rugby Park has been a relatively good place to go for Rangers the past few years, and with the adrenaline kicking in and a potential title party to enjoy afterwards, I would be surprised if Rangers didn’t win their two remaining games. The take-over finally being completed has sent a good feeling amongst the fans and players alike, and that will also contribute to positive performances.

Despite believing Rangers will retain the title, I don’t think Celtic will make it easy. They have arguably the toughest match, away to Hearts, but I think, given the pressure, I think they will win at Tynecastle, and also win at Celtic Park when they host Motherwell. Celtic also have the Scottish Cup final to remember, but Neil Lennon, and just about every Celtic fan will agree with priority is the league. Celtic absolutely have to win against Hearts on Tuesday, to keep the pressure on, and it is this game, I feel, could have the biggest say of who wins the league.

The title will be decided by Sunday afternoon, but either way, one thing can be guaranteed, and that is we are going to have a lot of tension, right down until the final whistle.

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  1. GarrieRFC

    9 May, 2011 at 13:19

    I think hearts will match celtic on wednesday after a Rangers victory on tuesday and that will leave Rangers only needing a draw on Sunday

  2. Joe

    9 May, 2011 at 22:21

    The success of the nail bobmers and the scum who associate themselves with rangers is what is making this difference, plus of course, the blatant “blind eye” turned by the SFA when they refused to dish out penalties to rangers players after disgraceful red cards in the Celtic game recently.
    Sad as it is, this has become the way of it in Scotland. Make death threats to the team who are without question, head and shoulders above anything seen in Scotland for over twenty years and results can go your way.
    A victory for the bigotry in Scotland and the SFA.

  3. Andrew Kerr

    10 May, 2011 at 00:38

    Spoken like a true Celtic fan. Successful nail bombers? Does Neil Lennon have nails sticking out of him? No he doesn’t, therefore, unsuccessful. Also, El-Hadji Diouf was sent off for wanting to throw his shirt into the crowd. Disgraceful red card? I think not.

    Your comment is beyond a joke, and I think you should make sure you know what you’re talking about before making such ludicrous comments again.

  4. Alan Clark

    10 May, 2011 at 14:09

    Joe, I take it every ref is a Mason and all the teams who play us don’t try like they do against Celtic? And every bomb/bullet through the post came from Rangers fans, and totally not crackpost paramilitaries from NI?

  5. dirtymac

    14 May, 2011 at 15:23

    Andrew Kerr – Diouf was not sent off for wanting to throw his shirt into the crowd, he’d already been red carded prior to that for telling the referee his thoughts regarding his officiating of the game. I’ll leave it to your (obviously) wild imagination as to how he phrased those thoughts.

    Perhaps you should revisit your last sentence.

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