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Stop thinking, start doing

“I don’t know exactly, still everything is in confusion so I would say in the next month we will have a proper situation to talk about. In the next month let us see what happens. I really don’t know on that issue because we are talking about various things, so many, about the manager, about the players, about staff, about the club. Nothing will be said right away today so I would say kindly bear with us for some time and then the whole picture will be clear. We have to come back very strongly and I hope that by taking the right decisions, we have to come back at any cost. Right now we are totally in shock so let us take it step by step. I think there is confusion at this stage, we are still rectifying the whole thing as a club. We are in the process of just thinking, we are in the middle of the process.”

Those were the less than inspiring words of Blackburn Rovers co-owner Venkatesh Rao one week ago on Sky Sports News when asked about the future of manager Steve Kean. Confusion? Thinking? Middle of the process? What on earth is there to be confused or thinking about? The manager – and I use the term very loosely – has led Blackburn Rovers into the Championship – not to be confused with the Champions League.

This event isn’t remotely confusing and nor does its occurrence require any thinking about. If, as Rao says, the owners want to “take the right decisions and come back at any cost” then pick up the phone – it’s that thing in your pocket with the little keypad on the front – give Steve a ring and tell him not to bother coming back. Once that’s been done maybe the fans will think you’ve genuinely got the best interests of the club at heart (it’s doubtful they’ll think that but it’s got be worth a try).

While all this shock, confusion and thinking is going on everyone else is getting on with their business. Clubs are lining up new players, managers are moving here and there. The longer spent sitting around thinking and pondering, the harder it’s going to be to fix the mess that’s been caused in the last 18 months.

So, to recap Mr Rao. Phone (little thing with keypad). “Bye-bye Steve.” Appoint a new manager who knows what they’re doing. Sort out a proper board structure to run the club at Ewood. Pop down to the bank and grab a few million to fund the “come back at any cost” approach. Sit back and enjoy seeing your ‘baby’ march back into the Premier League. It’s that easy. Time to stop thinking and start doing.

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