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Suarez charged, Terry charged- will this be an end to racism in the Premier League

In this ever long-lasting battle to fight against racism, will these incidences with Luis Suarez and John Terry officially catch the eye of well lets say a ‘corrupt’ FIFA and their President Sepp Blatter (who if you remember famously quoted that their is no racism in football!). I hope so especially for our game because there is no room for this disgraceful thing. When I play football on a Sunday if any of us swear, racially abuse someone on the pitch we get red carded and end up with a disadvantage.

I am so happy the F.A have looked at the Luis Suarez case and gave him an 8 match ban because this means it can be clamped out. Now all we need to do is have a committee for people who cheat during the game and give them tough punishments. Yes even though Suarez got fined 40k, in this modern day and era in the footballing world that’s peanuts! Although I do understand why Kenny Dalglish has backed him all the way through this and apparently Suarez is getting full support from everyone at the club which is a kind gesture don’t you all think? But if you think about it in the past Mr Suarez has always been a bit of a naughty boy.

  • On his Uruguay debut, he got sent off for a second bookable offence (That’s what I think should be a virtual pro accomplishment!)
  • In the 2008/9 season, he ended up having a half-time bust-up with Albert Luque whilst playing for Ajax in the Netherlands, he was later fined and suspended by the club
  • Then in November 2010 he was in trouble again playing for Ajax by biting PSV Eindhoven player Otman Bakkal’s shoulder (he must’ve been hungry!)
  • Then his most famous incident and I certainly remember clearly branded as the hand of devil. Where he handled the ball to stop a goal for Ghana in the Quarter Finals. Ghana then missed the spot kick and Suarez was caught on camera fist pumping in happiness ( also known as taking one for the team)

This latest one probably has to be the worst, for the talented footballer who does play against Wigan tonight and could be his last game for quite a long time if the appeal gets rejected.

The next key issue who has been in the news for all the wrong reasons it seems is John Terry. A top defender and England captain, puts his heart into football. But once again he does something silly or let’s the pressure get to him and a racially slurs against Anton Ferdinand. John has been charged today by the court for being racially abusive and the Chelsea player vows to clear his name. Also his gaffer Andre Villas-Boas has said that the club will back him all the way like Liverpool are with Suarez which is quite nice of them isn’t it. With Chelsea playing Spurs tomorrow, this is the last thing AVB needs in preparation of what is going to be a massive London derby!

So overall to a certain extent, yes I do think racial abuse will be kicked out of the Barclays Premier League, however, it doesn’t mean that in the lower leagues this could occur and also from leagues in countries which shall be a concerning factor. For the future of racism it’s quite simple. These role models need to show and tell the youth that racism is wrong and people should unite and bond as a community.

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