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Summer 2011, from an Arsenal fan’s perspective

The summer of 2011 has not been one to remember thus far if you are, like me, an Arsenal fan. Our capitulation following the Carling Cup defeat to Birmingham was alarming, talk of an ‘exodus’ of ‘top’ players from the club is seemingly becoming more and more realistic with every passing day, the club’s board appear to be refusing to adjust from their ‘passé style of running the club ( as expressed by the sacked former director Lady Bracewell-Smith ) , and the lack of big, imagination – catching transfers into the club has so far been frustratingly slow.

However, I firmly believe that there is no reason to panic…not just yet anyway.

Although the failings on the pitch following February’s defeat to Birmingham were totally unacceptable, that now has to be put into the past. We’ve made the Champions League (at least we hope we have) and have one of the most exciting young English midfielders in the game at our club, and he’s one of the few players not to have been linked with a move away. In Robin Van Persie, we have arguably the best striker in the league, and we also have genuine talent in Ramsey and Frimpong returning from injury.

The talk of players leaving is concerning. We’ve already lost one in Gael Clichy, and talk of Nasri and Fabregas going is increasing in volume everyday. It was disappointing to lose Clichy, a strong left-back, but ultimately, I genuinely believe he was a player Arsenal were content to sell. A player who would always get on with the job and do it by giving 100%,  he was nonetheless a player that had frailties, and had cost us a goal on more than one occasion. The attention now turns on keeping hold of Nasri and Fabregas, as well as bringing in players that can have an effect on the team, and raise moral. We have been linked to a few hundred thousand players throughout the summer, and have even been told by Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis, to expect a ‘busy summer’.

I’m a big believer in the sayings ‘stick by your club through thick and thin’ and ‘take the good times with the bad’. It’s the fans that follow these philosophies that don’t just make a club, but make football as well. So far, the summer of 2011 has been a testing one, but I believe that once we are through this bad patch, the good times will soon be upon us again.




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  1. emran arnaud

    10 July, 2011 at 10:59

    am very pleased with your article especially the last part of your story.we will get better without nasri or fabregas our is strong.our flow of football will continue

  2. rickthegooner

    10 July, 2011 at 12:16

    Yes i’m with you !!!! It’s not all doom and gloom. We maybe can’t attract and keep the very best players in the world, but we are still a force. We have managed to tempt some of the worlds best youngsters to the club in recent years. We are still maintaining a title challenge until late into the season !!! We reach Semi- final and finals, we reach the CL and get out of the group stages almost every season !!! Most importantly to me we ALWAYS finish above the SPUDS !!!
    This however is THE problem. We are so close to achieving what the fans and the club want to achieve, that fans new and old can see, that a little bit more commitment from the club and manager, will see us over the finishing line. Wengers’ comments in the January transfer window, that he couldn’t improve on his current squad, where at the heart of the problem !! Most believe that a little bit more effort in January would have got Samba to us at a vital time of the season. Wenger chose to gamble our entire season on TV recovering from his ankle injury in time to lead us to success !!! Also Schwatzer not signing at the start of the season, for the sake of a valuation difference of £500,000 shows you how short sighted the management team have become !!!! That mistake by the promising young Szczeny in the Worthless Cup Final, turned out to be very costly indeed. Ultimately leading to the total collapse of our season. I hope that is has not dented his confidence, although by all accounts he has that in bucket loads !!!!
    I am not a MOANING gooner !!! I put my money where my mouth is. I am a season ticket holder and I go to most away games, I have 45 away credits. I can see the sense of not bankrupting the club in the long term, for short term gains. I feel that what’s good for the club, has become second to Mr Wenger, proving to a doubting world, that his vision of how to run a modern football club is the template that should be followed !!! I feel his STUBBON single minded attitude, that has been such an asset in years gone past, will lead to his and our demise !!!!!

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