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Talk your way out of that…

The worst team I’ve ever seen in a blue and white shirt.

That’s how I described today to my better half.

I’ve seen some bad stuff down the years at Ewood.

But today really does take the biscuit.

Pedersen at left back? Hanley at right back? Really?

I know what – let’s bring Goodwillie on. In the history of the Premier League has there been a player who’s ever looked more unfit than him?

Jason Roberts? We need a goal. Let’s bring on our non-scoring saviour then.

There can be no more excuses. No more putting a positive spin on things.

Steve Kean is well and truly out of his depth. Venky’s? Are you really THAT stupid?

Having him in charge of a Premier League team is like asking my better half to fit a new bathroom.

She wouldn’t have a clue.

Steve. Neither do you.

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