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John Terry! Quality Player or Cheating Scumbag?

His footballing abilities are not at the forefront of the news today but nonetheless John Terry will have a huge impact on the World Cup in South Africa. Despite recent allegations of an affair with Wayne Bridges former girlfriend, Terry has continued to show what a quality player he is. His winner against Burnley proved just that. However, some may say that off the pitch discretion’s should not affect his work as a footballer but I’m sorry; he is England captain. 

First of all shall I discuss the allegations? He has been hit incredibly hard by the media for what are still only allegations. Some are comparing this situation to the David Beckham situation a couple of years ago. This comparison makes absolutely no sense. Beckham denied the allegations and Posh forgave him quickly. Beckham was also a very likeable character and gave his all for his country whilst being a respectable person off the field. He had no precious discretion’s and he was going through a tough patch at the time of the alleged indiscretion. His wife, Posh, did not like the idea of him moving to Spain and was not happy at all. Beckham therefore felt alone and supposedly one thing led to another. Terry, on the other hand has been accused of making 9/11 jokes the day after the attack as well as lovemaking with teenagers. This may be the reason why there has been huge media criticism of the ex England captain. He cannot be England captain after these allegations and Mr Capello made the right decision. Rio Ferdinand is not the right replacement but Terry was right to be stripped of the captaincy. 

Toni Terry jetted off to Dubai to escape the media bombardment


His private life situation may give opposing fans something to sing about which could dishearten both Wayne Bridge and John Terry but the reaction from the team is what will be important. It’s likely that there is a dressing room split at the moment but the players need to pull together and work together. Terry will be integral to the teams World Cup campaign. New captain Ferdinand has said that Terry will always be his number 1 whilst Terry has backed Ferdinand. Will this affect Terry? I don’t think so, he is a top player and although I am not a big fan of his personality but there are not many English proffesionals that perform week-in week-out like he does. 

No love lost between these two, somehow I doubt that is the case.


 I have no doubt that Terry will be one of England’s most important players at the 2010 World Cup. He never fails to deliver for the England side and with the likes of Matthew Upson and Joleon Lescott waiting in the wings he will know that he has to perform. He has shown for both England and Chelsea that not only is he a world class defender but he does provide attacking options in the box. His composure in defence is another quality that many others don’t have, this is why he was captain in the first place. The surprising move by Capello was to give the captaincy to Rio Ferdinand as Joleon Lescott and Matthew Upson now have almost no chance of making the starting line-up. John Terry is a must have in the centre of defence whilst dropping the new captain would be suicidal. I can’t help but feel that if England can make the final then the team will come closer together and with the added incentive to win, maybe they could pull it off. 

Am I being too optimistic?

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