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The EPL Too soon to tell?

     In week one of the English Premier League season we have seen the league table turned upside down.  Clubs that finished in the top tier are at the middle; if not the bottom, and some of the bottom feeders from last year are finding themselves at the top of the standings.  Tottenham Hotspur leads the pack.  Could be their victory against Liverpool is enough to carry them through the end of the season.  Hull City manager Phil Brown says that Tottenham is definitely a top four team.  Rumors are now circulating that Rafa Benitez career may be in jeopardy.  Manchester United lost points to a club that celebrated their first top flight victory in 33 years.  What does this mean?  Not a whole hell of a lot.

     Manchester United traditionally does not find their top form until October.  Hull City, last years breath of fresh air managed to score points against Arsenal early last year, but hovered just barely above the relegation zone at season end.  The point is that nothing is set in stone as of yet; top clubs are finding their wings; finding their form; seeing if any changes need to be made before the transfer window closes.  Changes will be made, and surprises will happen.  The truth is that on any given pitch in any given match any club can secure a victory against any other club.  The traditional top four clubs are not immune to losses that logically should not happen.  The top of the EPL is currently unpredictable, but about December we will see the clubs settling into form.  The top four at that time will probably look close to what it looked like at the end of last season.  Will Manchester City crack the top four?  Not likely.  Champion clubs are formed by chemistry and dedication to winning; not purchased with loaded options.  What an exciting season we have in store; lets sit back and enjoy the ride.

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