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The Group of Death!

This is a video showing exactly what Group C in the European Championships of this summer is all about. It is one of the best videos I found which points out the characteristics that make Group C, the most difficult group in which to survive. France were thrown in this group. A small mistake sends Domenech’s army packing. World Champions Italy may take advantage of the mistakes made by France, and they remain the favourites to win the group. Netherlands may pose a huge threat to both France and Italy.

Although most bookmakers are showing Romania as the weakest link in Group C and writing off their chances, their ability shouldn’t be underestimated, as the team was capable of qualifying for Euro 2008. Not only did they qualify, but they won their group, which included the Netherlands, by a 3 point difference. They managed an away draw against Holland and won the home encounter by 1-0 (goal from Goian). This makes Group C the most exciting of the entire competition.



9/6 18:00 Romania vs France @ Zurich

9/6 20:45 Netherlands vs Italy @ Berne

13/6 18:00 Italy vs Romania @ Zurich

13/6 20:45 Netherlands vs France @ Berne

17/6 20:45 Netherlands vs Romania @ Berne

17/6 20:45 France vs Italy @ Zurich



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