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The Man Who Never Had A Chance

The Man Who Never Had A Chance!

Welcome back. That’s if you’ve been before of course.

The topics of interest this week will be the money crisis in football and of course the man who never had a chance AVB!!!


Money money money money….no Money!


So Rangers have gone bust. What a predicament for Scottish football. I think some Celtic fans will be looking on with a wry smile. But beware hoops. All is not as good as it seems. Yes your main challenger to the throne and bitter rivals have had a complete disaster. Dropping 10 points and losing 3 games since, virtually handing Celtic the title. Albeit only dropping Rangers from 2nd position to an unbelievable 2nd position! I’m not sure this could happen in any other league in Europe.

But for Scottish football in general this may, in fact almost surely will, have a massive knock on effect. Without Rangers in contention attracting players, making money and overall putting in a challenge how the league will ever be competitive is beyond me. If the league is no longer competitive then who’s going to want to watch. Not Sky sports viewers that’s for sure. And as everybody knows Sky holds the purse strings.

Without Sky, no money, no money, no players, no players, no interest, no interest, no European competition. Could this spell the end for Scottish football? Everything has a knock on effect here. Even the national team will suffer if they are unable to blood the latest Scottish talent in their own league. Scottish football could end up in the same shape as Irish football. Which although is currently doing quite well, pales in comparison to the Scottish leagues history.

Of course it’s only the Scottish league that is suffering. More and more clubs are falling into the administration trap. Portsmouth have followed suit. Port Vale have today announced the same. It seems the money bubble had to burst eventually. The big question is….Who will survive?


And so we get to the inevitable. The ridiculous sacking of AVB. The man had literally no chance whatsoever. The only way he could have kept his job, is if he had stolen the Champions League trophy from Barcelona and dropped it off at Roman’s house on the way back. Even then he probably would have got the boot for not kissing Lampard’s back side. How can AVB have won a competition that he wasn’t even given the chance to finish? Don’t get me wrong, the results were poor recently for Chelsea. Things weren’t going well. But that’s not a good enough excuse to sack him. I think it’s time for Roman to take a look at the squad and realise that’s where the problems lie.

 From the outside it looked as though AVB had a good football philosophy. He’s learned from the best after all. And he certainly proved himself in Portugal, where yes they have a weaker league but he did win the Europa Cup too.

I think Chelsea was a poor choice for AVB. That was his first if only mistake. He was always going to be compared to Mourinho having coming from his background staff to manage Porto to such unbelievable success. But I believe he should’ve stayed clear of Chelsea and not, once again, step into the Mourinho shadow. After all we all know how it ended for Mourinho at Chelsea. It’s not as if  AVB could look at that example as a good one. Mr. Abramovich has struggled to replace the special one. I think for any team AVB would be a good choice as manager, but he needed exactly what he asked for. 3 Years and a complete squad over haul. But most of all he needed what every manager needs but never seems to get these days, to be left alone and trusted to do the job he was put there to do.


Come back soon.


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  1. AU

    9 March, 2012 at 00:32

    The football world and its fans see what went wrong with Chelsea. It is now up to Roman to prove that he also agrees on what has gone so wrong at Chelsea. There is talk he is willing to put 12million on the table to get Gardiola and also try to get Gardiola’s initial manager of football matters. Good idea but be prepared to up the Peppy kitty to 15m. Lastly and most importantly (and I am certain Peppy would NEVER accept this offer without this proviso) hand over the keys to ALL footballing matters to Peppy and his team, sit in your box and wait for the results. You have many businesses, find a place in some of them for Gourlay and Emenalo but for the love of Pete, not at CFC.

  2. AU

    9 March, 2012 at 01:01


    Get Guardiola in early June so he and his team can settle and plan for the season ahead and watch the line of agents, players et al who want to bring their services and talents to the bridge grow. Did someone say Cavani, Lucas, Neymar……. Hmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

  3. Markymark

    9 March, 2012 at 14:54

    Potentially, but I just can’t see Guardiola leaving Barcelona. He will want to leave on a winnig note I’m sure. Plus after Messi demolished Leverkusen in the Champs lge who would leave that behind. It would be a pleasure to coach every day.
    Also I can’t see Mourinho heading back. he’s sitting pretty on top of La Liga. He’d never give up that trophy half way through the season, even if he does love England.

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