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What would Tottenham do if Modric left?

With Chelsea recently putting in an improved offer of £25 million for the little Croatian, Spurs fans are wondering what would happen if our number 14 was to leave. Without the offer of Champions league football can we really attract another player of Modric’s calibre, and if we weren’t able to replace him, how would we cope next season? What are our options?


Option 1: Replace him with another creative central midfielder

If Luka does leave, that’s going to give Daniel Levy a fair bit of cash to play with, but who to spend it on? Scott parker has been mentioned, but with Tom Huddlestone back from injury and the brilliant Sandro beginning to find his feet in the Prem, is a player of Parker’s style really required?


Charlie Adam, Blackpool’s £12 million rated play maker has also been mentioned, but with fierce competition for his signature from United and Liverpool, it could be tricky to acquire his services. However, Adam is proven at premier league level, and at 24 has the potential to become an even better player.


This transfer rumour made me do a double take when I saw it. Joe Cole. Cole was mentored by Redknapp in his West Ham days, so this move could happen. But I hope to God it doesn’t. 32 appearances in a Liverpool shirt, 3 goals. Case closed.


Option 2: Replace him with a striker, and allow the central midfield void to bee filled by Van der Vaart.


This is personal my favourite option, as it would allow Harry Redknapp to revert to the 4-4-2 formation which served us so well two seasons ago (the year we qualified for the Champions League). This option would also make Van der Vaart take up a central midfield role, effectively playing in the position Modric currently holds. But the quality of our strikers is not currently good enough for us to rely on them for the majority of our goals, so a new forward is needed…


Didier Drogba has been mentioned, and could join Spurs as part of a deal for Modric. He is a proven goal scorer in the premier league, and with him up front we could be pretty sure of 20-25 goals a season from him. However, at 33, he would not offer a lot of resale value, and doubts have been cast over how long Drogba can remain ripping nets in the English top flight.


But, here is (in my opinion) is a the ideal solution to our scoring dilemmas. Asamoah Gyan. He’s young, is a great goal scorer, and would probably be interested in a move to White Hart Lane. However, with Sunderland recently having sold Henderson and Bent for a combined total of around £45 million, would they really be willing to sell their only remaining star player?


Option 3: Survive with out Luka, and make do with our remaining players.

If Luka left, and no new striker or midfielder was brought in, then Redknapp would probably opt to continue with his 4-4-1-1 formation. But who would fill Luka’s role in midfield?


Kranjcar was integral to the season before last’s campaign, and in my opinion is too good to be wasted on the bench. He would probably be able to do Modric’s job, but perhaps not quite as well.


Jenas is Championship quality at best, and would not be good enough to succeed the creative Croatian. Palacios is too defensively minded, and would not provided the creativity required to fill Luka’s boot, and with O’hara looking destined to move to Wolves, it looks as though a new central midfielder will be required.


So, what should Harry do? In my honest opinion, we should go for Asamoah, and then maybe we ‘gyan’ get into the Champions League next season.


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  1. Smokey

    26 June, 2011 at 22:26

    We should of kept taarabt,but i personally think the vdv option is the best one,doesnt he play there for holland

  2. edspur

    26 June, 2011 at 22:29

    Have the Chavs put in another offer then? I haven’t seen that confirmed anywhere?

    What was Levy’s response?

  3. Dave THFC

    26 June, 2011 at 22:38

    I am a BIG Tottenham fan, but if Modders does go, and then probably Bale, I would be worried that we could do a Leeds, coz if we fail again this season we will be losing more players again!!!

  4. Steve Herts

    26 June, 2011 at 22:54

    “Jenas is Championship quality at best” – I honestly wonder if some of these 14 year olds that write on these websites actually ever watch football. I could imagine at least 12-13 Premier League clubs that would love to have a player like Jenas. He may not be as good as Modric but certainly would walk in to many teams around the world. Another case of the naive bandwagon.

  5. IoanX

    26 June, 2011 at 22:57

    With the money Spurs would get from him or from any other player, the club could buy a player who would produce a more effective end product.
    Competition isn’t a circus where you show a high level technique or other skills in order to get points.
    You have to win a game in order to get the three points and to do that a team needs players who produce an effective end product.

  6. Smokey

    26 June, 2011 at 23:04

    Jenas could walk into 12 prem teams??,so why has no team been in for him,his the worst spurs player since dozzell

  7. taz

    26 June, 2011 at 23:57

    been debating on this for a while i reckon we should hold out for 40-45 mill .if torres is worth 50 then modders aint far behind..then use the money to get a decent striker in and a decent defender .i would go with drogba as part of the deal .then play a 3,5,3 pack the mid with vdv huddlestone,bale,lennon and prob get scotty parker in…

  8. Ged

    27 June, 2011 at 00:01

    Steve from Herts

    You’re obviously living in some fantasy world. And I’m certain that it’s not just 14 year olds that share that opinion

  9. jod dud

    27 June, 2011 at 00:04

    modric is a good player but he is not irreplaceable for me he does not score enough goals for us ok he might make a few but i still think he is a little light weight for the premiership 25 mill is a great price for the player even if we bouth scott parker ok not as talented as modric but would probably score more goals again if van der vaart reverted to midfield we would have the extra cash to buy somebody like rossi who could partner defoe up front but with the likelihood of bale leaving if modric leaves then we could be in trouble

  10. Chapter 5

    27 June, 2011 at 00:11

    I’m totally sick of this – according to most stories EVERY Spurs player of quality is being bid for and will be sold. We are NOT a supermarket FFS. And, as for replacing Luka, if he leaves, forget it – you cant replace a player of his ability for the money we may get off the chavs or Man Ure or uncle tom cobbly. Its all so simple….sell Luka and others may follow and we will end up being mid table mediocrity again. Make that stand Mr. Levy…sell none of our quality players for any price !! and lets hear no more talk of replacing Luka with the likes of donkeys, Adams, Cole et al…….what a joke!!!!!!!

  11. dean

    27 June, 2011 at 01:51

    VDV to replace Modric in CM? Are you insane. What on earth would make someone think that VDV could replace Modric in the CM position. You obviously don’t value Modrics contribution

  12. Sir Cecil

    27 June, 2011 at 01:59

    I think if Modric goes, the result will be the same as if he’d stayed – namely a season of being also-rans, yet again. Tottenham followers feel their team is going places, but the truth is, they have won the exact same number of Premiership titles at Crystal Palace, Bristol Rovers, Rochdale and Sid’s Auto XI that plays on Hackney Marshes every Sunday. No more, no less. The same number. Zero. So “also-rans” is the perfect description of them. Making up the numbers. Like extras in a movie featuring REAL stars. The rodent-featured Modric won’t make a difference to that.

  13. Joe Emmerson

    27 June, 2011 at 07:32

    Hey guys, thanks for your comments, just wanted to say to dean that i didn’t mean that van der vaart would be that great in cm, but couldn’t do anywhere near as good a job as modric. I really hope modric stays, I was just writing about what we may HAVE to do if he left.

  14. Duncan Morris

    27 June, 2011 at 08:47

    Having watching Spurs since 76, when we were relegated I think, I’m relatively worried most of the time about the running of our club. Even Keith Burkinshaw said just before he left ‘ there used to be a club there once’!! The one thing we are sure of at Spurs, sadly, is being consistently unpredictable and not learning from our mistakes.
    Why don’t we have any money to buy now, then recoup with the deadwood. If we don’t, we’ll miss out… again.
    If Luka goes it will be totally disastrous (as was not qualifying for the CL again). Now, also, I read Bale will hand in a transfer request if he goes. Psychologically this will have a massive impact on the squad, inept Management, inc Levy and Lewis (the man who made his money out of Mr Byrites!).
    I’m already depressed b4 the season has started. This time last year, for the first time in years, we had the CL to look forward too and I felt a new, regained, motivation/excitement. We had finally done it! What did we do, F it all up.. when will we get another chance – it could take a decade!
    We loose Luka, let alone Bale, we may as well forget the season and accept mid table as a strong likelihood, or worse. Plus, Harry will only be with us for another season – same old story no leadership and stability! That’s why the Red stench have always been one step ahead of us!

  15. Cheese

    27 June, 2011 at 09:47

    We are fortunate that we have two excellent players in our midst, one who was bought and managed to fit in (Modric) and one who has ‘found’ himself (Bale) after, lest we forget, being a millimetre away from being shipped out not long ago.
    Even if we got 100 million for the two what guarantees could Levy or Redknapp give us that what they bought in with that money would make us a better team.Drogba? Parker? Adams? Cole?!!!
    Remember that all we have next year is Europa. Lionel Messi and his like are not gagging to come to the Lane!
    The only obvious thing is to keep them and get a striker -Gyan?- otherwise it’s another high risk guess as to who could fill their boots.
    And please let’s stop deluding ourselves about Jenas. He’s OK at best. End of.

  16. Ali MaQ

    27 June, 2011 at 11:22

    I would love to see a player like Pastore enter White Hart Lane. Even if Modric did decide to part ways with Spurs at least the Argentinean International could fill that void to either improve or act as a fill it untill spurs find the right bargain they want, like VDV for 8 million

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