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Trezegeut-Barcelona Saga Resumes

 SportMediaset Claim Trezeguet Wants Barcelona

Having been aroused a couple of weeks ago but dismissed by Juve director Jean Claude Blanc and by Trezegeut himself this news comes somewhat oddly. reports that David Trezegeut has made contact with French friend Thierry Henry and the report continues saying that this was done to try and restart negotations with Barcelona. This news is practically piece of crap from sportmediaset as Barcelona are on the verge of finalizing a deal with Didier Drogba and if talks end unsuccessfully, there is always Adebayor as a second option. Juventus have made it clear that they want to keep their best ever foreign striker and want more than €25m should Barca attempt to make a move.

The departure of Samuel Eto’o which is to be completed soon, and this according to the website has reopened hopes to get a French attacking line-up for Barcelona. Eventhough Juventus do not wish to let Trezegeut depart, the Frenchman remains the cheapest option since both Adebayor and Drogba will cost over €35m.

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