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What the season brings

The Red Devils start their defence of their title as Champions of The English Premier League in less than a month.  The press is already predicting gloom and doom due to the fact there have been minor alterations in the Manchester United line up.  Granted; the Red Devils may not obtain a fourth consecutive English Premier League title, but I doubt that Sir Alex Ferguson will come up totally empty handed in the silverware department.

I, along with other Manchester United Supporters, would be delighted to see that fourth Premier League title; but I believe that we might see Liverpool at the top when the season ends in May.  I don’t think that it is a question of talent that may see the Red Devils occupying second place in the league table, but consistently being number one is a feat that Manchester United may not be able to keep up with.

Even if Manchester United does not win the Premier League, there are other cups to be had.  I see  the Red Devils At least winning the FA cup, and very possibly making a successful run in the Champions League this next year.

As far as the English Premier League,  I see the top four as 1. Liverpool

2. Manchester United

3. Arsenal

4. Chelsea

oh yeah, I almost forgot:                                                       7. Manchester City

Sometimes there is great difficulty balancing the desires of your heart versus the actions of logic. I hope that I am wrong.  I would like nothing more than to see hundreds of expletive filled replies to the post, and see Manchester United on top of the EPL.  I hope I am not very good at this prediction thing.



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