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Words from the 3rd Choice Captain

Arsenal have gone through alot this season in general but also in the captaincy department with Gallas coming out with his outrageous comments which lead to Fabregas being picked for the job before picking up a 4 month injury.

This left the Gunners searching for a captain, they needed experience so they picked basically the only experienced player in the squad (over 30) Manuel Almunia the goalkeeper.

I think Almuina is a lost cause in goals and that Arsenal need to look for someone with a bit more talent but i agree with the decision to give him the step in captain role as he is the oldest player in the squad and can guide the younger players.

He has spoken to the press about how Arsenal need to find that spark that has been seen so often over the past from Wenger’s teams especially from 1998:

“We aren’t in a very good position now and the main thing is for us to find our identity and the character that brought all the titles and trophies to this Club,” said the 31-year-old. “Once we find it we can talk about bigger things. The main thing now is to get three points every single game and wait and see what we can do in this league.

“[Our form] is better, it has been different and we are improving our behaviour on the pitch. We have shown good character but I think we can still give a bit more to find the real Arsenal.

“We are coming back slowly and we have better character and better spirit but there is a still a long way to go.”

He is right about there being a long way to go Arsenal need to lift but I don’t think they can pull it off like the class of 1998 did the strength is just not in the squad at the moment.

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