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Manchester City

The Story Behind Man City’s Historic Treble After Winning Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup

With this year’s season underway, fans are eagerly waiting to see which team will impress. However, all eyes are on Man City now after making a historic treble not seen in Manchester for 24 years since Man United’s 1999 success. Here’s the story of each award, summarised.

The Premier League

Starting with the Premier League, Man City took it home for the third time in a row after Arsenal’s winning streak fumbled. Through consistency and an injection of new talent, City swept the top of the board with 89 points against Arsenal’s 84. Now they’re in a bid for a fourth consecutive win, a first in English top-flight football. The odds are on their side, however, with them set to win at 4/6 through Paddy Power football odds. It may seem like a sure thing when it comes to the Premier League but, with that treble under their belt, they’re storming ahead with Champions League bets too at 21/10 odds. In all, fans seem more confident in Man City no matter what trophy they’re playing for – they earned that goodwill last season.

Man City won through a 12-game winning streak in a season that turned out to be the best-scoring Premier League table. If it weren’t for their relatively new Golden Boot award winner, who put away 36 goals in this season alone, Man City may have finished second or third in the final tally. But they didn’t and, winning their ticket to the Champions League, they kept the same momentum heading into the FA Cup final.

The FA Cup

Not even a month after their Premier League win, Man City were up for the FA Cup finals in what became a dramatic showdown between them and their own city rivals – Man United. This came after Liverpool, last season’s champs, were edged out of the fourth round by Brighton. Leaving the cup open, Man City went for their seventh title and secured it by beating United 2-1.

Of the season’s 23 top scorers, City had 4 – more representation than any of the other teams. That includes the second-best scorer at 5 goals behind Paul Mullin’s 8, for the turnaround success that has been Ryan Reynold’s Wrexham squad. Of course, Man City already qualified for the Champions League and so they didn’t take to the Europa League – that was given to Brighton and Liverpool instead.

The Champions League

Then came the 10th of June, a week after their FA Cup success, and Man City took their unlikeliest win. With Champions League favourites Real Madrid knocked out, the stage was set for a new team to fill the top spot. With five finals appearances and more experience beating English clubs (than Man City had beating Italian), the match-up could have gone either way.

It came down to a 1-0 win by Man City, thanks to defensive midfielder Rodri. He proved again why he’s considered one of the best midfielders playing, being partly responsible for Man City’s sweeping success since joining the club in 2019. Here, one shot was all he needed before Man City could pack up and go home with their first continental treble, one of the best seasons in the club’s history.

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