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Don’t be afraid of the Bogey Team…..

So according to, Chelsea have faced Liverpool an impressive 165 times the first of which was an impressive 4-1 victory to Chelsea on Christmas day…1907.

How times have changed. Within these 165 games, Chelsea have managed to record only 57 wins compared to Liverpool’s 74.

Could it possibly mean that Liverpool are the dreaded “bogey” team? The stats would most certainly suggest so.

But enough about stats for now. Sunday 11th of November saw the mighty Kop visit fortress Stamford Bridge, or in the case of Liverpool, “the ground where they can’t beat us”!

Brendan Rodgers had insisted before the game that it was time for Liverpool to stop gazing into the rear view mirror. However, in the same statement he claimed that the team still had a very long way to go in their restoration.

The fact is, Liverpool finished eighth in the league last season. For a team that were once looked upon as the kings of Europe, this was not good enough, but past seasons suggest that it was on its way.

Any improvement on last season’s position would be, in the words of Rodgers, be “fantastic”. It has certainly been a long time since a manager of such a prestigious club, heaped in history, would refer to finishing seventh as “fantastic”, but such is the league at the moment, anything is expected and can indeed, happen.

The very difficult task facing Rodgers, a man who has learnt under the guise of the “Special One”, is to turn one point into three and draws into wins. However, for now he can surely be grateful that he has a player of Suarez’s great, albeit often controversial, ability to turn potential losses into draws.

And that is exactly what happened when Liverpool visited Stamford Bridge. Given the current gulf in form of these two clubs, you would be mistaken for assuming that this would be a walk in the park for Chelsea.

The problem is, once Chelsea’s biggest strength, their defence is becoming somewhat of a worry for RDM. Once an unbreachable wall of power in the enigmatic, albeit equally controversial captain, John Terry and Ricky Carvahlo, cracks in the cement are starting to show.

Terry, once described as Captain Bionic, is ageing and with age comes a tiredness, proneness to injury and a lack of desire…ok in the case of Terry, most certainly NOT the third. We now see the likes of David Luiz and Gary Cahill taking the reins.

Cahill is a force to be reckoned with. A defensive powerhouse that has the ability to score a goal or two (a goal or two more than Torres that’s for sure). However, he still has a lot to learn, this will come with more game time.

Luiz on the other hand leaves you reminded of how we use to play in 5-a-side. You know – you lose the ball and then flick a kick in every direction in the hope you connect with something (the ball and not the player preferably).

What Chelsea lack in defence they certainly make up in midfield with the “three amigos”, Mata, Oscar and Hazard. Finally a threesome who can provide the exciting, attractive football which has been lacking and so desired by Mr. Abramovich.

If only there was an attacker to get on the end of such midfield majestics. However, with goals coming from all over the field, Chelsea need not panic just yet.

John Terry gave Chelsea the lead. A short lived celebration – Terry being stretchered off the field after an accidental collision with Suarez, who once again came up with the goods with the equaliser, albeit courtesy of a questionable push on Ramires that was missed by referee Webb.

A referee missing such a clear decision? Surely not.

Liverpool had stand-out performers in defender Jose Enrique and goalkeeper Brad Jones but in reality, it was Suarez alone who won them the deserved point.

Rodgers is in the first thrusts of his Liverpool reign and no-one will be raising an eyebrow at a point gained at Stamford Bridge. But one thing is for sure – he needs to find those three points soon.

His counter-part, Di Matteo on the other hand must be wondering when rumours of a certain Spanish former manager, will arise. Chelsea in crisis? Not just yet.

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