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Arsenal Fans May Not Realise They Are Practically Sharing A Sponsor With Man Utd..

We all know that Manchester United football club is already sponsored by a lot of companies (28 at last count) and a recent addition were Bwin who signed a three-year deal to be the club’s “official online gaming and betting partner”. Now this might not seem like a big deal to Arsenal fans, but it may surprise many to know that an Arsenal are actually already in a business partnership with a subsidiary company of bwin, essentially meaning that bwin is sponsoring both Arsenal and United.

To some fans this is a huge deal, in the nineties you wouldn’t find many fans of the Gunners with a Sharp TV set in their house, due to the electronics firms shirt sponsor deal with their rivals, Arsenal fans didn’t want any association with United. Later most Gunners wouldn not have been seen dead with a Vodafone phone, instead opting O2 who sponsored thier team’s kit.

Arsenal entered into an arrangement last year with Betsson for them to become the official betting partner for the club. While this is not the same as a sponsorship deal that Manchester United signed with bwin, it does provide significant services to Arsenal fans.

For starters, when fans go to the stadium to watch matches, they are using Betsson terminals in order to place their bets on the game. If they visit, they are presented an Arsenal themed gaming site, you can play everything from poker to blackjack there and even place bets on Arsenal games.

One of the oldest network in the online gaming scene is Ongame Network. Betsson is under the same network and that same network was purchased a few years back by bwin and that company merged with PartyPoker last year to form Ongame and Betsson are subsidiaries of bwin, meaning that when the Arsenal receives funds from Betsson, it is actually bwin that is paying the bill.

An interesting fact in all this is that Man Utd’s recently signed sponsor had previous dealings with Wynn Casinos in what was rumoured to be a buyout attempt. That buyout never happened, but bwin is now busy selling off what they deem as surplus assets. Ongame happens to be one of those assets.

This means that once the sale is done, bwin.Party funds will no longer be supporting Arsenal. Some fans likely do not have a problem with bwin being an arrangement with both the Arsenal and Manchester United. However, there are others that would much rather not be connected in any way to Manchester United and that sale will not come too soon!

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