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Arsenal’s Misery and their 2012-13 Season

Earlier on in the season, I predicted that Arsenal would at least challenge for the title this season. Well, I can safely say that I was wrong. I thought maybe this could be the year that Arsene Wenger’s team could have proved the critics wrong and actually looked like a top class team. That thought that was in my head earlier on has firmly flown out.

For Arsenal’s team is bordering on pathetic. Their attempts to win a trophy this season have failed, yet again. 5th in the league, 4 points behind their rivals, Tottenham. The league performances this team has given this season have been mixed. One week they can win about 5-0, the next they can lose 1-0. Consistency is the one of the things that establishes a championship-winning team. Without this, it will never happen for Arsenal. They have also struggled to beat top teams like Manchester United and Chelsea. This is another thing they have to do if they ever want another premier league trophy.

The cups have been dissapointing too. Knocked out by Bradford, this is something that should not happen to a team like Arsenal. And it wasn’t like they had a weak side out either. The league cup isn’t something that is cherished once it’s won, but it can affect league form and other tournaments. And for Arsenal especially, not having won a trophy for eight years, this should be something they are trying to win. They were also knocked out of the FA cup last weekend, against a Blackburn side that isn’t doing too well in the Championship due to lots of managerial changes. The performance of Arsenal was good, but in the end another mistake cost them a 1-0 defeat. This is also a trophy that I feel, if they had won, would set them up for a good performance in the premier league. But, again, mistakes took them out this time.

The champions league has been no better . More or less knocked out last night against Bayern Munich, Arsenal have missed out on another trophy this season. The thing that stood out to me was that they were totally outclassed by a very good team. But it shouldn’t be like that anyway. Arsenal should be able to challenge these types of teams, but their reliance on younger players, while selling the top-class ones, has led to their failure.

Arsene Wenger needs to sort this out for next season, and if results don’t pick up by the end, I feel that it would be up to him to resign, or he could face the sack.

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