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Hello all These are a collection of rants from my mind regarding what goes on around me in the footballing world, I am a supporter of Newcastle United and Celtic Fc. I have always enjoyed writing having written at two hundred page thriller novel at age ten only to have it rejected by eight of the same publishers that rejected JK Rowling, still no hard feelings ish! I have recently completed a degree in English and Classics, diploma in Irish and Tefal English and Business Cert all from the University of Ireland in Galway and am currently studying a masters in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Sheffield in the UK. My journalistic experiences are nothing concrete or consistent, i was editor of the Irish Times short listed Magazine Second Helpings while in Gort Community School and was a regular contributor to Fusings and Sin Newspaper Galway of which i was a mildly controversial feature writer. I have TV presented with Rte News2day, Met Eireann Online, and Dingle to LA for Fifty Pound Films and have been a radio host for FLirt FM 101.3 for over three years. I am currently writing for weekly as well as and and CEO of independent record label COAL Records Ltd, Wish ye all the best and thank you for stopping by