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It’s all about Bale…But what about Tottenham?

Bale, Bale, Bale! A familiar chant from the stands, but it is also becoming an all too familiar topic in the press.

There doesn’t seem to be a season that goes by where Spurs fans are not suffering at the hands of a ridiculous transfer debacle. The latest, Bale’s certain move away from the lane at the end of the season. Not my words, not the words of the club, not even the words of the player himself, just the unimaginative barrel scraping journalists and pundits, desperate to keep a story alive so their job effectively writes itself.

I could be slightly biased, but I can’t think of many other clubs who are constantly dragged through a transfer saga every season, whether it is in or out. Of course this is not all the media’s doing, Levy’s tactical transfer ploys all play into the hands of speculation, but the real sufferers are the fans.

I find it hugely frustrating, I can’t even turn on my television to watch Match of the Day without one of the pundits talking about, not if, but who Bale will be playing for next season. A total disregard to Tottenham as a club, their achievements as a team, and, probably the most important fact of all, Bale’s contract to Spurs (It’s a long one by the way). These are the same pundits that will criticise players for having no loyalty in the modern game, when in this case, the only people talking about his move are the pundits themselves. It raises the question in my mind, who is driving all these stories, made up or otherwise? And what is in it for them?

I’ve never understood the fascination in football on speculating about transfers, particularly for a window that doesn’t open for 4 months. Regardless of the player in question, we are at the business end of the season, the most exciting part in many instances. The fans don’t want to sit and watch lazy journalism drivel. The only speculation should be about who will win what, and how they will do it. Tottenham are still in the Europa league, and trying to qualify for the Champions League. Instead of harping on about where Bale will end up next season, why aren’t they discussing how Bale can help Spurs achieve their objectives in this?

As I said earlier, the real losers in all this are the fans themselves. Every set of supporters go through the same thing, even Man United fans to a certain extent, if the likes of Real come sniffing. It’s the lack of respect that grates on me the most, people have forgotten what football is all about, and instead look to the easy option in generating media attention. Pundits in particular should know better than to write off a teams success with a player, because everyone else seems to be talking about it. Hell it even took old Arsene Wenger to come out and try to cool the talk. If I wanted to write an imaginative piece of journalism right now, or talk as a pundit like they get paid to do. I would write an article on the success story of Spurs and Southampton in nurturing Bale into the player he is today.

Bale has a good relationship with the Spurs fans, he works hard in training and has a professional persona off the pitch. I just hope he ignores all the hype, and continues to be a player that we can celebrate having in the Premier League.

Rant over.

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