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Who survives the Friday in Vienna will have something to tell his grandchildren. Expected is arrival of 200.000 Croats, and historical siege is also announced by the Turks:”We haven’t succeed to capture Vienna in 16th and 17th century, but now we will!”


Before the match between Croatia and Austria the town on Danube was overflew with cubics. On Stephanplatz was rolled out the giant Croatian flag and nobody could number the vast colons of Croatian fans. They say there were 100.000 of them. The town’s main square was Croatian for one day.

On Friday, the day of quarter-finals against Turkey, towards the town on Danube will head 200.000 Croats, estimates the medias. The problem is that this time, on the other side, will stand vast army of Turkish fans, and it’s hard to assume if this time the streets of Vienna will be overflown by the love of fans like it was when we played against Turkey or something else, on which nobody doesn’t want to even think of.

The fans and the medias in Turkey are comparing the arrival of Turkish players in surroundings of Vienna with Turkish siege of that town in the 16th and 17th century. They weren’t successful back than in their plan to capture the town, but this championship will finally be the real triumph, hope the Turks.

After the victory over Czech Republic even the attacks of Turkish medias on their players and the selector Fatih Terim had stopped, what Terim interprets as the end of fire.

On the other side, the medias are demonstrating forgiving. Even in the case of losing against Croatia, even if that will be 0:3 or 0:4, nobody in Turkey won’t be too excited because the most important is that Turkey got into the quarter-finals, said the commentator of Zaman.

For some extra motivation took care Turkish Football Federation. Every one of Turkish players will get 150.000 EUR as a reward for placing their national team in quarter-finals. After the announcement of amount,in the name of all players, the most experienced (Rüstü Recber, Emre Belözoglu and Nihat Kahveci) sent a massage for the public in which they thanked to the federation, but also emphasized that the money isn’t on the first place when they are playing for the national team.

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