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Carlos Tevez – The Talented yet Disloyal Disruption

Carlos Tevez has come a long way since his difficult childhood situated in Buenos Aires – Fuerte Apache. A town rifled with violence, drugs and poverty amidst a high crime rate, it is fair to say that Carlos Tevez has embraced his opportunity and his talents among footballs finest elite within the world stage.

Scoring 133 goals in his 326 senior appearances, the Argentinian has accumulated a wealth of admiration for his persistent passionate contribution, prolific goal scoring record and his endearing energetic approach that has stimulated winning results for his team on numerous occasions. His contribution to West Ham United’s “great escape” in 2007, Manchester United’s domestic and European treble the following season and Manchester City’s first F.A Cup win in all of 42 years defines the man and his accolades eloquently. Internationally, it would be expected that he is further destined for great success. Playing alongside the likes of Lionel Messi, the Argentinian national side with its host of abundant superstars could well be lifting a World Cup before Tevez is to hang up his boots.

But in stark contrast to his perseverent nature upon the pitch, Tevez has become somewhat controversial; personally manipulating transfers to other football clubs amidst a backdrop of peculiar incidents, epitomized in the recent Bayern Munich fixture in where Tevez was charged with a variety of cases, most prominently refusing to play.

Yet this controversy has not come about of late, it has in fact been the story of his career. His first transfer -The £13.7 million pound deal taking Tevez from Boca Juniors to Brazil’s Corinthians was to become the highest transfer in South American football. After winning numerous titles with Boca, it was time for a new challenge and to depart his native Argentina. Yet, such a transfer would become a fundamental decision that has pervaded the 27 year olds career. Tevez would become a business asset to MSI (Media Sports Investments) and would remain economically contracted until September 2009, on completion of his move to Manchester City.

It is no wonder in why Carlos Tevez was part of the biggest transfer coup of recent years, in where West Ham United pulled off the remarkable double signing of Tevez and fellow Argentinean Javier Mascherano. It is further no surprise that he would only stay in London for one year of his reported 3 year contract; with Media Sports Investment’s proposed takeover bid of West Ham United failing and the investment firm seeing no sign of accumulating the East End football club.

His next destination, Manchester, in where he would go on to play for both rival clubs would further suggest his disloyal nature and disruption to the transfer policies and team selections at the teams he would play for. At United, it was always unanswered why the club did not pursue the permanent transfer of Tevez. Putting in several man of the match performances and becoming a fans favourite, Tevez would only wear the red shirt of Manchester for 2 seasons. Meanwhile West Ham United were found guilty of breaking several Premier league regulations and had no other choice but to accept a charge to pay Sheffield United £20 million pounds in reparations for their relegation from the Premier league.

It would be fair to say that the writing was on the wall for his next club Manchester City. After finally purchasing Carlos Tevez and releasing the forward from his pervading MSI ties, and after having two powerful seasons scoring 43 goals in 65 appearances, it has recently been stated by Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini that he will “never play for the club again”. Mancini stated after Tevez had been persistently announcing that he wants to be closer to his family and to finally see his children. Further, Tevez was filmed on an Argentinean broadcast before the current season started saying that he ‘loathes Manchester’ and finds its difficult to live in such a city making it evident that he would engineer a move away from the club.

But should Carlos Tevez be seen as a disloyal football player and a selfish man? One argument would suggest that he is an employee that has signed a long-term contract. He therefore has made a commitment and should fulfill this like many other employees would. Further, the point of a contract is to prevent such events from occurring and Tevez willingly agreed and understood the complications when signing. This argument would suggest that in fact Carlos Tevez is disloyal and his proven track record of using his status as a footballer to manipulate decisions means that he is a risky signing and an unwelcome player at any club.

Other arguments would suggest that in fact MSI have decided the fate and the life of Carlos Tevez to date. Has Carlos Tevez been blamed unfairly for his transfers when in fact as a business asset and venture he had little say in moving to England in the first place? On a human level, is it fair to be kept from your family against your own will? Further to what benefit is it of Manchester City to keep Carlos Tevez at the club against his will?

Although talks with AC Milan are ongoing, what can be clearly seen is a move to Italy will not fulfill his desires of being closer to his family. Although he has been seen as disloyal and disruptive, and quite rightly, how far was this his personal doing. Albeit MSI no longer own the rights to the player, they have had a severe influence in his transfers within the past.  His childhood, his talents and his accolades cannot be doubted but will Carlos Tevez find a club that he is to remain past a season here and there?… History suggests not.

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