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Celtic: Faithful through & through?

It’s a statement we Celtic fans regularly look to for solidarity with our team, a declaration of loyalty to the Bhoys on the field and the men in the dugout.

Our recent league victory over Motherwell and impressive Europa display against Rennes has hopefully brought an end to a less than convincing couple of months which has seen us slip further behind in the title race. Lennon and the squad looked to have weathered the storm and appeared refreshed and confident, with players such as victor Wanyama and James Forest coming to the forefront.

However during the period of uncertainty there were sections of the Celtic ‘support’ calling for Lennon to resign, he was tactually inept and rotten in the transfer market and needed to go some said.

We within the Celtic family are used to frequent insults and criticism being tossed Neil’s way, however when the grumblings directed at Lennon are cast from within in our own ‘support’ this is cause for concern.

The hell our own manager has been through in his life just for being associated to the club is reason enough to give him the time to turn it around. Not to mention the death threats he has received during his time as manager and volley of abuse spat at him just for question why the club was lied to by the SFA and other refereeing horror shows displayed by Willie Collum etc.

As for the ‘footballing’ side of the argument our squad has been plagued by injury all season long, Kayal, Izaguirre and Gary Hooper to name a few this has limited the management to a reduced squad which has had the tiresome task of fighting a battle on four sides. The traditional European away calamites have continued with Cha-Di-Ri’s inexplicable back pass to Fraser foster resulting in an own goal adding to the list stained with incidents such as Magnus Hedman’s superman etc. Don’t get me wrong mistakes have been made by the manager such as the questionable signings and the lack of continuity in team selection, and selections themselves.

However Lennon has shown enough in his time with Celtic to deserve the rest of the season to win trophies. He is the manager of our club lets support him.

Any change in management would be detrimental to Celtics push for silverware and would bring about another transitional period which we can’t afford due to our poor league standing.

We owe it to Lennon to support him and the team throughout the rest of campaign, he wont get it right every time, but what manager does? The transfer market is approaching, a pivotal moment in the season, if the right players in the right positions are brought (centre back) and the squad continues is rise to form there is no reason why we can’t believe that a treble is possible, especially with three old firm games in the future.

Keep the faith!

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