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Chelsea Managers

For the 3rd team in 3 seasons Chelsea have had to look for a new manager. This time one lucky man was selected for the job: Benitez. Former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez was selected to be the interim Chelsea manager until the end of the season. However the Chelsea fans do not like the idea that much as most of them still think of him as a Liverpool manager. Luckily for Benitez that does not matter for now as he does have the job of defending Champions League Champions.

Even though the Chelsea chairman has chosen Rafa Benitez as the Chelsea interim manager it most sure that he is waiting for Pepe Guardiola to start looking for a job once again. Guardiola, ex Barçelona manager, has stated that he wanted to take a break from football for a year and then will be looking for a new club.

As the season continues Chelsea find themselves in 3rd place. However, the question is: Can Rafa Benitez make this team Premier League Champions?

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